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The Falcon Cheer and Basketball Teams Go Head to Head for the Powderpuff Game

Oct 19, 2022
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An age-old tradition has come full circle on October 7th, bringing together both Ferguson basketball and cheerleader teams for participation in what was dubbed, the powderpuff game.

The typical high school powderpuff game centers around separate school football rivals, but the Falcons have decided to give it their own personal twist. The event centered around the cheerleading team swapping not only positions but sports entirely with the basketball team. Which, much to their entertainment, resulted in the boys producing a hilarious half-time show.

The cheerleaders got split into 2 teams, the “Big Ballers” and the “Shootas.”  The sight of each team preparing and practicing for an out-of-ordinary team created quite the comical spectacle. At first glance, it was as if the players forgot which sport they were playing.

All of this anticipation finally boiled over on the 7th, when the two teams were ready to face each other off in a game that had both the viewers and the players at the edge of their seats with both eagerness and laughter. One of the most memorable highlights of the night was the planned Halftime show that the original basketball players performed, fully adorned in the classic falcon cheerleader outfit, making the crown cheer with tears of laughter.

The amount of time spent practicing clearly bled through into their performance. Their effort put into choreographing made the potentially most energetic and joyful routine possible. It was this laughter-inducing event that, to many who attended, made this event incredibly special to hold in their memories.

“The halftime show was my favorite part of the game, as we were able to dance like the cheerleaders and give the crowd a good laugh,” said senior Gabriel Martinez of the basketball team. 

The game ended with the “Big Ballers” taking the win with a score of 22-14 and walking away with the bragging rights of the century. The game was definitely one for the Ferguson history books. Not only was this a fun and exhilarating experience for those who watched, but it was also an opportunity for bonding between the cheerleaders and the basketball players. “The event brought the teams together because we got to see how competitive we were and we got to work together with our teammates; this is an experience we’ll remember for the rest of our lives,” said cheerleader Brianna Sanchez. 

Will all of the life and energy they put into their effort, both teams were extremely drained by the end of the event. They were in no way regretful for it was all in good fun and they truly managed to exceed expectations to provide a quality and overall funny show. 

Following, the game, the show continued as basketball player Alex Otero asked out his girlfriend Rachel White to homecoming in front of the whole audience. 

“I was exhausted after the game, but witnessing the proposal made me incredibly joyful and eager again because I’d been waiting for him to ask,” Rachel White shared.

At last, the teams came together as they had in the beginning to give their farewells to a night that many found to be unforgettable. The sheer volume of the crowd truly reflects how much each team outdid themselves, and we hope to see this wonderful event make another appearance next year!

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