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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game Overview and Tips

After 8 long years of anticipation, Animal Crossing: New Horizons finally released late March exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Surprisingly, it could not have come at a better time. New Horizons allows players to explore other islands, let their mind wander different creative depths and practice the art of patience. This is the perfect game to escape the reality we are facing now. It runs on real world time – if it is 1 p.m. in the real world, then it is 1 p.m. in the game. In addition, it also even uses the current hemisphere selections to match the seasons as well.

This long awaited fifth installment, not including spinoffs such as Home Designer and Pocket Camp, of the Animal Crossing franchise has great features that would satisfy original players and new features that interest newcomers. Similar to its original play you are a new villager who has taken an adventurous path to live on your own. From the beginning you select the island to live in and the look you want to have (clothing, hair, etc.). However, right from the start, you are hit with the reality of debt from the classic Tom Nook. The guidelines on how to manage the island, how to craft and how to seek new villagers are daunting but exciting. Most importantly, although the game is task oriented you are still able to do as you wish. For the fashion obsessed, you have the ability to make your own outfits and additional features that allow your villager to become your game twin. For the interior designer in you, you start off with the basic necessities except you are living in a tent, but from there you can expand your island.

Although the game has great features, there are also downsides to the game as well. Specifically, the local co-op which was a feature that everyone was looking forward to later realized that the shared gameplay defeats the purpose of the peacefulness since there is a leader and a follower, meaning the gameplay for one of the two people is limited making it impossible to move forward in the game. Another downside is one of the key features of the game, the real time. Many of the tasks take “real-time” including the construction of infrastructures, making you feel as if though you have been waiting an eternity to continue in the game. Currently, for the month of April, Animal Crossing is doing a Bunny Day event. It is a great thought, but the amount of eggs planted can get bothersome. Eggs are planted in trees, rocks, fishes, and the ground, replacing an item that may have been useful later.

Even with this downside, players everywhere are excited about the online play. Allowing up to 8 players on one island makes the game limitless. Being able to join in with a party of friends allows you to goof around and relieve stress. Also, because there have been many events in the real world such as weddings and birthday parties that have been canceled due to the outbreak, there has been recreations of these events in the Animal Crossing world. Many people have created games, with their friends in animal crossing, such as musical chairs, and obstacle courses. In addition, it has allowed for access to varied, exclusive products, such as exotic fruits, or even higher priced turnips.

All in all, the game has allowed many people the ability to take breaks and let their minds wander while enjoying their quarantined life indoors.


In this game the possibilities are endless, which can cause some new players to get stuck easily. Do not stress because here are some tips to make your time in the world of Animal Crossing a breeze:

  1. From the start, organize your trees so that collecting resources is much easier. Collect fruits that are not originally from your island, when sold they are worth much more than the native fruit of your island. You can find these exotic fruits by traveling to mystery islands, with a Nook Miles Ticket or visiting friend islands in online play. It’s a great way to earn an income at the beginning.
  2. Don’t put off paying your debts because many events and gameplay are added as you pay off your debt, such as shops and the museum.
  3. Have a routine in the morning to collect fish and bugs. If you are a beginner, give all the fish and bugs to Tom Nook, he will send them to his friend Blathers. If enough are given, Blathers will eventually stay in your island and open a museum. This is another way to pay off your debt. Especially with the tarantula, worth 8,000 bells. If Flick and CJ have visited your islands, then sell all that you catch to them, they will give more money than the Nook Cranny will.
  4. Everyday redeem your Nook Miles at the town hall to receive additional Nook Miles.
  5. For more DIY recipes visit one of your villagers in their homes every day, at least one would be working on a project they are willing to share.
  6. Every Sunday before 12 pm, there will be an NPC named Daisy Mae, who will be selling Turnips. It is recommended to buy some to use throughout the week to resell it for a higher price. However, take note, that the price changes twice daily, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, after a week they will go bad. However, if the price is just right, the income will be great.
  7. When Mabel from the Able Sisters starts to sell in front of the town hall, spend at least 5,000 bells two days before she visits. The next time she visits, she will tell you that she will be opening a store. Here, all clothes can be bought but the choices change every day. There will be a kiosk inside that will allow access to other creators designs that can be worn. It is an amazing feature that should be taken advantage of.
  8. If you are not sure what to do, go to Tom Nook and he will give you an idea what to do with your island: decorating, looking for new neighbors, or expanding the island.


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