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Badminton: a game with rackets in which a shuttlecock is played back and forth across a net. Or is it so much more than that? For the players on the team, the coach, and Ferguson students, badminton is a special sport. The Badminton program was founded twelve years ago by the same man who is continuing to coach it today, Mr. Richard Lopez. He is currently coaching another year of badminton and is very caring and passionate about his team. He says:“Sports provide the ability to endure, foster, and maintain some of the greatest qualities in the character that one comes to value in this changing society. Badminton allows everyone the opportunity to succeed and achieve their respective goals; not just in athletics, but for and within themselves.” School sports are incredibly important to students, but there are deeper reasons as for why Mr. Lopez started the team all those years ago. Giving students a good reason to believe in themselves and in the things that they can do, “As a coach working the dynamics of each new year, you do your best to provide a consistent sense of purpose in everything they [the students] do with the foresight of a bigger picture.”

With that being said, Mr. Lopez is looking forward the season ahead which is going to involve many energetic and intense games. Mr. Lopez was excited to share what he hopes will happen this season and what goals he wishes to accomplish. “The objectives and goals for the season are to create a sound foundation and love for the game while providing the school with another sport/opportunity for student success.” Badminton isn’t just a sport to Mr. Lopez and his teammates, it’s a chance to get together, and become a family who supports and learns from each other. Senior Shahid Adams, who has been on the team since freshman year would agree by saying that one of his goals for the season, isn’t just to win, but to win with his team.

Goals are very important to an athlete and any sports team, and there is one very consistent goal with the badminton team. Shahid explained: “My goals are to win districts once again for the third consecutive year in a row, and go to GMAC champions with my teammates.” Games are sure to be fun, the team played their first game against Varela and Coral Gables on February 20, 2018. Though for most people games would be nerve-wracking and kind of a big deal, Shahid doesn’t seem to think that’s the case. “Games are just practices for the real thing, for districts, and I’m most excited to see how the team has grown from last season, and to see our team win together and bring up another banner in the gym.” Clearly Adams has got a lot of passion for the game, but that wasn’t always the case he tells: “I actually had Mr. Lopez as a teacher and he encouraged us to come out and try it, and at first, I didn’t like it, but I kept working at it and practicing and now I love it.” Badminton is so much more than just a game for these Falcons, and if you want a taste of what it’s like, go out and watch the games, there are some exciting ones coming up against Braddock, and even other games against Varela and Coral Springs. Go out and encourage the Falcons who proudly play in the wonderful world of Badminton.

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