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Barracudas and Falcons Go Head-to-Head at Homecoming Game

Spotlights illuminated the dark green and white lined field as the Falcon football players and Coral Reef got into their first positions. The announcer high up above the stands started to speak into his microphone that can be heard throughout the field. The home side bleachers filled with students, both past and present, while the first quarter of Fergusons Homecoming Game began.

As the Falcons score a field goal with Diego Navia (#36) kicking it straight down the middle, which tipped the score of the game in our favor. More and more people filled the bleachers, and friends and family watched the game with their Falcon pride beating like a drum in their heart. The marching band, not one to sit idly by, started beating their own drums in unison in the stands, the cheerleaders not far behind them.

The Falcons and former Falcons alike cheer in a perfect symphony, feet stomping and hearts pounding as Roman Seebers (#27) scores the first touchdown of the game, keeping the Barracudas on their toes. Corner Alex Carreras (#3) got an important interception as well which got the crowd was on the edges of their seat, and cheering us on to continue this amazing form. Though we were winning ten to zero, the game was still too close to call. The cheerleaders went into incredible stunts, pumping up the stands already exploding with life.

Soon the second quarter ended, and the homecoming halftime finally began. The marching band, in all their glory, went onto the field with the color guard and the fusion dancers, forming a pathway where the homecoming court would soon be introduced. As the band’s trumpets and drums resonate through the bleachers as the announcer broadcasted the names that were soon to be on a ballot. In the end, as the Falcon court waved to their subjects, the announcer ended the message with a resounding “Let’s go Falcons!”.

Now, it was the marching band’s time to shine. They created their incredible symphony, as the director waved his arms in tune with the beat. Not long after they started, the color guard danced in harmony to the music, their blue flags twirling with them. The color guard rifles were brought out, and soon they were flying in the air as the people on the ground caught them with ease. The band was in full swing now, amazing drum solos with the flamboyant braying of the tubas and trumpets. Even with all of their gear, they were still practically jumping as they moved to the beat. The crowd blared as they finished their last notes and were soon off the field, as the third quarter was about to start.

In time the second half was underway, and Ferguson and Coral Reef were going at each other once again. The spectators cheered and stomped on the bleachers as students threw little black and silver balls at the crowd. The cheerleaders brought out their amazing routines that resounded throughout the game. Towards the end of the 3rd quarter, the Falcons were left fighting tooth and nail to defend their territory.

Unfortunately for us, the Barracudas got past them, first with a field goal, then with a touchdown, making the score 10-10. Our Falcons went to overtime and sadly gave another touchdown to the Barracudas the win 17-10. The groans were heard throughout the bleachers. They were so close to victory.

Regardless, the game brought everyone together, and by the end of it, win or lose, we were still cheering our Falcons on. One sophomore, Rachel Suarez, commented, “It was super fun and really exciting to see our football team play. I have never seen them play before, so it was cool to watch them in action. The marching band and color guard was spectacular.”

Surely, nothing can bring us down for long, and Coral Reef will run and hide when we get back up again. But for right now, homecoming was on our minds, and the Falcons brimmed with excitement once again as they waited for their celebration to begin.

When one pictures a homecoming game, what usually comes to mind is a teen movie, where it’s usually the centerfold and very overdramatic. But, Homecoming, let alone in this high school, is nothing like that. Ferguson is way too big to focus on just one activity, and there’s no hierarchy of popularity that we were shown since we were kids. It isn’t realistic, because the reality of our school is so much better. Instead, it’s just us as Falcons, coming together to cheer on our school, our massive family, and having fun along the way.

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