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Black Friday Frenzy Marks the Start of Holiday Shopping Season

Dec 02, 2019
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Thanksgiving is the annual holiday of giving thanks. However, the day that follows is infamous for generating mass consumerism within the country. Although ironic, Black Friday has been an American Tradition since the 1950s. It is commonly perceived as the beginning of Christmas shopping and brings out big deals to attract multitudes of customers, mainly targeting families. The tradition has started as so and the day has earned the name “Black Friday” within in recent years and has grown to be a nonpareil event that would eventually spark similar seasonal sales.

In 1951, the term “Black Friday” was attributed to the day where workers called out of their job in order to have a four-day weekend. It got mixed with the idea of “Black Saturday”, the day that most Americans had started shopping for the holidays. Philadephia merchants back in the 1960s wanted to refer the days as “Big Friday” and “Big Saturday” which did not catch on. Yet, in 1975, The New York Times had mentioned the day as “the busiest shopping and traffic day of the year” for Philadelphia. By the 1980s, the title had earned national recognition as retailers used the day for marketing and economic advantages.

“I like Black Friday because of the specials and everything they have in the stores but there tends to be a lot of chaos too,” commented sophomore Kianys Rodriguez. “I go to Target and sometimes Walmart. I remember there was one time when I went to Target and we were going shopping. I don’t know if it was related to iPhones, but it was something that started a whole big fight. A fight broke out in the middle of the store for the last iPhone.”

There are two sides to the notorious event. Many Americans have seen it as a way to save and stock up on the “incredible” bargains, with companies benefitting from all the extensive advertising Black Friday develops throughout the week. However, with all the buildup, some people go ballistic and it turns into a competition to get certain products.

“I look forward to Black Friday but also I don’t because people are crazy,” claims senior Georgina Rodriguez. “I remember when I was like eight that my mom wanted to buy a TV on Black Friday and then we got to the store at around 3 pm. They were all gone. All of them had been bought already. However, I do like to online shop around Black Friday time at my favorite stores. I’d prefer Cyber Monday because there are fewer people.”

Although Cyber Monday is seen as a competing trend against Black Friday. It is the Monday after Black Friday where retailers put similar deals online for customers that are too busy to shop the day after Thanksgiving. It became popular in the early 2000s but has grown in popularity during 2010 and onward.

“Last Cyber Monday, I got my $2,000 computer for $1,200,” claimed junior Rachel Suarez. “It was an Alienware laptop and it was $500 dollars off but Honey helped me get a coupon code that saved me more. I love Black Friday too. It’s the only day I willingly wake up before the sun rises to go to the mall with my friends and just have fun without anyone bothering us. I definitely prefer Black Friday.”

When going Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping, make sure to have a list of items you want and search online for deals on them in order to make sure which stores to visit. 

Be sure to get your holiday gifts in time, Falcons! If you’re looking for a site with the best deals and full-on reviews, check out: https://thewirecutter.com/deals/.

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