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Black History Month Show

February is recognized as National Black History month, and to celebrate the occasion, John A. Ferguson Senior High School hosted a Black History Month Show. Students attending class in the main building were invited to attend the show and made their way down to the auditorium during the fourth period on February 22, 2018.

There were greeters by the door, wearing traditional African clothing and were also handling the crowd. Teachers, such as Mrs. Kilpatrick and Mr. Wilson, were also wearing cultural clothing. While the crowd was being handled and students were being seated, Mr. Thomas’ jazz band performed a variety of songs.

When all settled down, the lights were dimmed, and on came a rap video of five-year-old, Heir Jordin, singing “Proud History.” When the video finished, Mr. Villalobos was introduced by the two MCs of the show.

Our principal gave an informational speech about what the show represents, what acts were to come and thanking everyone who came together and put the wonderful show together.

A performer was later introduced on stage to sing a beautiful and emotional version of the Black National Anthem and earned a standing ovation from the audience.

When they had finished, the two MCs came back on stage and produced information on African languages and how a man by the name of Tanzanian Adam Salim wrote a song, “Malaika,” expressing his lament over losing the love of his life due to poverty. Then students came on stage singing a beautiful rendition of the song.

After the performance, the Ferguson Chorus came on stage with a guest singer, and sung “Run, Mary, Run.” The guest singer then left the stage and the chorus performed and received a roaring applause. Following the chorus’ performance,  the guest re-appeared on stage with a moving piece about the integration of schools in North Carolina.

In addition to the performances, Sofia Perez strode on stage singing the well-known song, “At Last” by Etta James, immediately responded to with a deafening applause from the audience. A student performer then followed with an original piece, voicing her opinion on how men pursue the idea of black and white. After the powerful reading, Mr. Thomas’ jazz band performed “A Night in Tunisia.”

Later, the two MCs returned to the stage and introduced students who sang “Let Me Love You,” by Mario and “Back and Forth,” by Aaliyah featuring R. Kelly. To follow this performance, they sang the well-known song, “I Have Nothing,” written by the late singer Whitney Houston.

One of the most exciting acts of the show, Ferguson student, Jose, stood in the middle of the stage as the curtains rose up and impersonated some of Michael Jackson’s most famous dance moves while causing a commotion in the audience and thundering applause.

The final act of the show were two men, from the University of Miami. They both took turns on performing their unique step dance routine.

Students were very pleased with the production and enjoyed the acts.

“I thought that the Black History Month show produced by Ferguson was overall a very good interpretation of the month, and they did an excellent job in making it entertaining for students. My favorite act was the Michael Jackson impersonator. He performed very, very well and did almost every single dance move spot on. His performance made me feel like I was watching Michael Jackson in person,” Sophomore, Sydney Pouza said.

To conclude the show,  a screening of the Black Panther trailer showed up on screen and resulted in a cheering crowd full of students ecstatic for the new movie. After the screening was finished, all the performers returned to stage and thanked everyone who put the show together and the students and teachers who attended.

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