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Class of 2022 Are Gifted Their Junior Rings

                       The Junior class at Ferguson was recently honored with their traditional Ring Ceremony. Seen as an embodiment of their three completed years of high school, and a sign that soon they will graduate, receiving a ring is one of the more cherished aspects of being a Junior.  

                     Especially in a year with many other school sponsored events cancelled, having the ability to finally hold an event shows the overall progress that has been made in terms of opening the world up, and if anything is an indicator that their Senior year will consist of a return to normalcy. 

                     This feeling of accomplishment goes beyond the students to the staff as well. As when interviewed by FBN News, Mr. Villalobos expressed his gratitude for being able to hold the ceremony by stating;

                      “It was fantastic because they haven’t had anything all year, so for us to be able to do a ring ceremony to celebrate their successes and their next achievements, a promise that they are going to fantastic things as a Falcon, is ultimately the best feeling there is. 

                    We here at the Ferguson Talon share this same sentiment and want to congratulate the Class of 2022 and wish them that the future only holds the best for them.  

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