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Club Rush

What are your interests? Ferguson might have a club for you!

Ferguson has clubs for all types of people, whether you’re into math and using your skills to compete with others or prefer watching anime with people who are just as passionate. Clubs are a great way to make friends with people with similar interests too, you can meet people you otherwise wouldn’t have.

One of the many ways clubs attract new members and spread the word is participating in Club Rush. It usually happens a few weeks into school during both lunch periods. The clubs use things such as music and boards full of information to attract students to their booths and listen what they have to say.

All the clubs have different purposes, some can be educational, some can be used to join people with similar interests together, and others—like the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)—can be used as a safe space.

“GSA means a lot to me because it’s a safe environment for people that are struggling with predicaments with being gay or just LGBT in general,” GSA President Jerry Miranda said.

Some clubs, such as Utalk (which is a program that is apart of the Psychology Honors Society), help students learn how to maintain healthy relationships and become more comfortable about socializing, especially freshmen who are adjusting to high school and the sudden increase of students in their environment.

“The club is meant to help freshmen who are moving from small middle schools into a large high school society. We’re trying to help them transition. I know when I came to this school, I had a large problem with the culture shock and I want to help freshmen with that,” senior Julian Zarte said.

Clubs like Women of Tomorrow also aim to benefit students and help them reach success in the future. This club aims specifically towards young women and hopes to inspire them and help them reach their full potential through monthly mentoring by other successful women.

BioTech is more on the educational side of clubs. It aims to educate young people about the technological side of science. The club offers resources such as labs and gives students community service hours.

“For me it’s about expanding everyone’s knowledge on a topic that not so many people know about. Biotechnology, when you think about it, you think of like computers and stuff but it’s a lot more than that,” junior Madison Capot said.

Clubs have many purposes and effects that they aim to have on people. Club Rush was an opportunity to learn about all of those clubs and join them to open yourself to new experiences.

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