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Countdown to the Album of the Year, #1- “Planet Her”

Doja Cat started releasing music as a teenager in SoundCloud, and she released her EP in 2014. That being said, her first song to go viral was a song called “Mooo!” and was a track on her “Amala.” This is not her only song to reach TikTok fame. Many of her songs, including ones from this album, also gained TikTok fame.

Even though “Mooo!” was her first viral song, some of the rapper’s most well-known songs include “Say So,” one of the biggest singles of 2020, which spread all over TikTok via dance challenge.

The album is filled with refreshing, upbeat pop tracks, which are supposed to surround the concept of this fictional planet created by Doja Cat. Like many of her previous songs, the album has tracks like “Woman,” “Need To Know,” and “You Right,” which have become TikTok famous. In addition, Doja Cat collaborates with well-known artists such as SZA, Ariana Grande, and The Weekend. 

Her tracks’ themes include love, regret, women empowerment, money, and break-ups. The first track on the album, “Woman,” is an example of a song that ties in the theme of female empowerment and femininity, with lyrics like “baby worship my hips and waist” and “so feminine with grace.” 

Throughout the album, she shows versatility in vocal switch-ups that are reminiscent of Nicki Minaj. This can be seen in her song, “Get Into It (Yuh),” she even mentions Nicki Minaj in the lyrics of the song, singing, “thank you, Nicki, I love you.” In addition, verses like the one just mentioned and many others on the album contain a multitude of pop-culture references. 

Each song is different, and not the album isn’t entirely consistent with a mix of genres like R&B, pop, and reggaeton. 

A recurring thing about Doja Cat’s music is her lyrics tend to be light and funny, not necessarily addressing heavy topics. This is something she does well, weaving her words and themes into fun, quick-witted verses.

The album has amazing, catchy songs that will have anyone singing, and many on TikTok dancing, but as a whole. The album is mediocre. Each track is individually fantastic with many types of genres, which means there is a song for everyone. “Planet Her” isn’t ground-breaking or profound, but it is diverse and filled with singalong worthy choruses. 

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