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COVID-19’s Impact on Schools

The learning environment all across the country has drastically altered for students both virtually and physically as a result of the pandemic. Adjustments have been made to obey the COVID-19 pandemic social distancing guidelines. Anything as simple as not wearing your mask can put others at risk. Due to this, a rule has been enforced to wear masks and try to stay six feet apart from others in areas like hallways. However, closer contact in some locations within the school makes it inevitable considering the size of the classrooms. Students that have returned to the school physically have been following these rules accordingly.

Despite the adaptations that the school has made in response to the modern situation, cases are still rising in many schools. If a teacher or student has been confirmed to have COVID-19, they are required to attend virtual learning for 14 days along with the teachers and students that came in contact with them. Several classes throughout the first and second grading periods have been sent home for this reason. Since students are taking precautions in school, it is more likely that they got COVID-19 via a family member at home. It has been urged that students do not throw parties or have large get-togethers with extended family or friends.

However, it must be recognized that numerous students most likely did get together with family or friends, in light of the holidays, which has led to an uptick in cases.  Consequently, several students who returned to school physically were quarantined, which overall disrupts their schedule. Not to mention, many students who returned to school have been quarantined multiple times, which leaves room for speculation about whether returning to school physically was worth it.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that in the grand scope of things, it appears that circumstances should gradually begin to improve, especially since the vaccine is beginning to be distributed. Overall, this school year is turning out quite different than anyone could have ever expected, and it is very much likely that remote learning will continue to be an option until the end of the school year.

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