DC’s Newest Addition: Shazam

The latest superhero film Shazam! was recently released last friday, April 5th and it was one for the books.  

    Earnest, joyful and inspiring. DC’s latest offering, Shazam! tells a classic superhero story of Earth’s Mightiest Mortal buoyed by stars, Levi & Jack Dylan Grazer’s charismatic performances and a story filled with heart and heroism to the core.

Showing true unconditional love and the power of compassion and true friendship with a great sense of humor. Zachery Levi showed a fantastic imagination and brought to life that kid inside your heart.

The entire cast brought each wonderful side of their characters to life and still kept that action movie feel but with the perfect balance of humor.

Many expected the movie to be overall un-entertaining and dreary. But to much dismay, this film was funny, fresh, and a must-watch.

Shazam is the perfect movie to watch with your family. Since the movie is rated PG-13 it is not intended for the younger side of the DC fans.

All in all, Shazam is definitely a movie worth going to see.

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