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Domino’s Pizza Introduces Delivery Robots


           The implementation of new technologies in the food industry have completely revolutionized the way it operates. 

           With a recent example now being the use of self-serving pizza robots to roll out on the streets. Domino’s Pizza Company has invented a new, creative, and unique way of getting their clients what they want in a fast,  and timely manner, but instead of a person, the responsibility of delivering the order will now be in the hands of a robot. 

       This new self-serving technology is expected to have a significant impact in terms of adhering with the rules of hands free delivery and social distancing guidelines in an easy and simple process for clients to obtain their food without seeing the delivery guy face-to-face.

The robot, commonly known as R2, is currently being trialed in Texas in just one specific store. However, in the future, the company hopes to expand the services across Texas and later across the United States. The test would allow the company to understand how the customers will react to this new and fascinating invention, but I guess this will be a new hit on the market.

But how does this thing work anyway? Customers will get the option to have their pizza delivered to them by R2 if they place a prepaid order online. Then, customers will receive notifications via text messages helping them track the robot location. This operation also can be done via GPS in the order confirmation page. Domino’s will then provide the customers with a pin to unlock the robot and get their pizza once R2 arrives. When it makes it to the pinpointed destination, customers must enter the pin provided to them by the store in the robot’s touchscreen; this will unlock the doors, allowing the customers to grab their pizza. 

Just as Domino’s Pizza, approximately, we will see other companies in the market using this captivating new way of delivering products to their clients. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to try this new feature Domino’s is offering! Hoping for those robots to come to Miami soon!    

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