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Falcons Baseball Kicks Off their Season

With the start of the new season, the team has taken many steps to honor Coach Hererra who unfortunately passed away before the start of the 2020 season. “We have taken various steps to honor coach Hererra this year. One being adding his initials to one of our uniform jersey’s sleeves. Another is that before every game we pray together as a whole team in his honor. The team is more motivated than ever now, hoping to have a winning season in dedication to our late coach,” said pitching coach Eddie Oropesa Jr.

As the season is underway with only a few weeks worth of games thus far in the season, the Falcons are sitting with a record of 1 win and 2 losses. The first win coming from the Hialeah Thoroughbreds game by a score of 1-0 in the 9 innings. In route to the win, the Falcons had 6 hits with the biggest coming from senior Kevin Figuredo. Falcons kept the Thoroughbreds at just 3 hits and shutting them out over the course of 9 innings. The next two games did not go in favor of the Falcons as they lost to the Southridge Spartans 10-3 and lost to the Reagan Bison by a close score of 5-4.

For the season, it’s all about the small things for the Falcons to be successful. Playing small ball with strength is key for this team to make up for what they lack in power. “In order for us to have a successful year we will need to play small ball. A playstyle suited for the teams that don’t have the luxury of big home run hitters,” said pitching coach Eddie Oropesa Jr. The defense is also another key strength mentioned by coach Oropesa Jr.

Even with those strengths, the team still areas that can be improved. Pitching being the main focus for improvement for the team in order to have the winning season they are looking for. “Where we can improve is our pitching. With the key losses during the off-season, including injuries, transfers, and seniors graduating; we’ve been exposed a bit as pitching staff,” said Oropesa Jr.

We wish the Falcons Baseball team a successful season!

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