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Falcons Show off their School Spirit During Winter Spirit Week

As COVID cases were increasing during the month of October, many traditional events such as Homecoming Spirit Week had to be cancelled. Luckily, SGA had a fun surprise up their sleeve as they announced a Winter Spirit Week from November 30th to December 4th. Students both physical and virtual were excited to be able to show their school spirit in a familiar fashion, since the majority of it had to be postponed. 

The schedule for the week was posted on Instagram stating what students could and could not wear. Monday was Baby vs. Senior Citizen Day, where students were allowed to wear wigs, glasses, cane/walkers, hats, robes, diapers, pacifiers, skirts and house dresses below the knee. Many students were creative with the topic, and wore other clothing items such as onesies in order to be dressed as babies. 

A majority of Ferguson was very comfortable in their Tuesday classes as it was Winter Wonderland Day. For this day students were allowed to wear holiday themed clothing such as Christmas or any winter themed shirts, accessories, Santa hats, uniform bottoms, jeans, and  pajama pants. You could feel the Christmas spirit all throughout the halls of Ferguson. 

On Wednesday, the fun continued as students were able to dress up as their favorite character on Character Day. They could portray the character by wearing t-shirts, face paint, jeans, capes, and accessories like headbands, necklaces, and socks. Those who are fans of wearing costumes for Halloween could take advantage of this day while adhering to the dress code. Character Day encouraged students to stop and think about their favorite character and use their imagination to show details about that character. Senior AnnMarie Muñecas commented, “My favorite day of the week was Character Day because it gave us the creative freedom to dress up as one of our favorite fictional characters. I dressed up as Agnes from the Despicable Me movies.”

The following day was Iconic Duo or Trio Day, where students could team up with two or three people to dress up as a well known duo or trio. Friends worked together and brainstormed ideas for fun costumes. Considering that there are still dress codes, the costumes could be fun improvisations using items in the wardrobe. For this day, students were allowed to wear t-shirts, jeans, knee length skirts, face paint, and accessories. 

The final day of Spirit Week finished off with Color Wars Day. Here students show their class spirit by wearing the color of their grade. Seniors wore red, juniors wore yellow, sophomores wore blue, and freshmen wore green. Students could come dressed with clothing of that color that adhere to the guidelines.

Senior Edward Franco summed it up best by stating “Holiday Spirit Week gave us an opportunity to come together safely with our unique minds to show off our school spirit. In these different times, I believe it was important for us to participate as a way to help us think positively toward the better future that awaits.” Overall, this winter spirit week was a valuable event we all needed in 2020. As previously mentioned, this could be seen as one of the first signs of normalcy in our current situation. It allowed seniors to reminisce spirit weeks from past years and introduced freshmen to their first high school event.  

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