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Falcons Show Off Their Wild Side at The Pep Rally!

As our Falcons prepared for their basketball game against the Terra wolves, we found ourselves anticipating yet another pep rally to show off our falcon pride. With this being the first pep rally of 2023, students are riled up with high expectations—and of course, our staff and talented students never cease to impress.

“Pep rallies are always fun because of the overall energy that the school encompasses and how through everything we always show our school pride,” stated Junior SGA representative Ashley Landestroy.

At Ferguson, we pride ourselves on our originality, making sure we stand out every single time. Friday’s pep rally followed a safari theme, starting strong with a parody video of Jumanj to get the students hyped for the game. 

Later, Falcons summoned their competitive spirits to compete in basketball matches: underclassmen against upperclassmen and juniors against seniors. Vice principal, Mr. McFarley even competed against school security guard, Robert Grayson.

It is always great to see our staff being so involved and active to make our school years memorable and fun. 

Freshman David Rosales shared, “Seeing the pride staff members and upperclassmen have for our school demonstrated in such a manner ensures me of all the great memories I can make during my time in Ferguson senior high.”

Ferguson students went all out to show off their talents; from our fusion dancers showcasing their mesmerizing movements down to our marching band who presented a beautifully choreographed take on the Black Swan. This left our students in utter awe as the performers lit up the gymnasium while they harmoniously flowed to the beat of the music. 

One of the biggest highlights however were the cheerleaders as their aerobatics dazzled the crowds while they were swiftly yet elegantly flung into the air doing all kinds of tricks and displays, all working in unison. “It’s definitely exhilarating to perform after working so hard these past couple of weeks and showing everyone how hard you worked. As for hyping up the games, it’s very exciting to support our basketball team and other sports and show school spirit,”   JV cheerleader, Valentina Gallardo, commented.

We cheered and roared almost as loud as the music playing in the background as our girls’, JV, and Varsity basketball players swept in within each cheer team’s performance. Anthony Morris, one of our JV basketball players, expressed that, “Pep rallies motivate players like me because getting to see everyone at school cheer for us and wanting us to win, makes me more excited and pumped for the game.”

This not only applies to our sports teams but to our entire school alike. It motivates students to get on out there, show support, and honor our school with all of its endeavors and events. It’s moments like these that remind us of the importance of having pride in our school. 

Although we suffered an unfortunate loss at the games after the fact,, it’s these same games, events, dances, performances, and pep rallies that make up our high school experience. These memories will last a lifetime for all of our Falcon family.

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