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Feel the Love this Valentine’s Day

February 14th is a Day to spread love, affection, and sweets. The Holiday started way back into the Roman Era and has come a long way into the present. The students at Ferguson are joyful for the wonderful Holiday to share with everyone in need of love.

The Ferguson students seem to make the most out the day by spending it with their loved ones. Freshman Gaby and Liz are accompanying each other on their Valentine’s Day. “We decided to be each other’s valentines, and she is coming over to my house and we are gonna hang out” Gaby commented. As we appreciate the friends closest to us, we learn to be grateful to have them by our side. Katherine Gutierrez, a sophomore, also decided to have the day at her best friend’s house to celebrate together.

Valentine’s Day is also the day of chocolate, candy, and stuffed animals with red hearts. Oh, and don’t forget the roses! Throughout the lovely day, people took the time to give heartwarming gifts to their friends as the day continued on. Holding a small stuffed bear wrapped with red tissue paper, freshman Emily Irizarry said: “I’m giving this gift to my best friend from another school.” Although people may see gift-giving as materialistic, the simple act of giving shows compassion for a companion that might’ve needed that small piece of chocolate to brighten their day!

Of course, the holiday couldn’t celebrate all forms of love without romance. New relationships begin to form and passion fills the air as adoring couples come into the light. 10th grader Joyce Borges remarks, “I am probably going to go home and hang out with my boyfriend for a while.” As you walk into the courtyard, you can see the students showing affection as they are living their lives: young, wild, and free.

Other students decided to do Valentine’s Day with their family. When wanting to show love, family may not be the first thing that will pop into your mind, but it is the most obvious, if not implied.

“I’m going to go watch a movie with my mom.”  one sophomore, Anthony Lopez said.

Our families give us support and happiness throughout our lives, so it is .only fair that we show that same support and warmth on this day as well as many in the future.

Ferguson seems to be full up on care and fondness for each other this Valentine’s, care for others and for ourselves. The school seems to power on friendliness, seeing as they have a new campaign for kindness each month. So, while the students have the time, they should show the compassion they have shown this holiday to anyone and everyone.

Love is a fickle thing. Depending on who you ask, it is a chemical and a feeling. It’s neurons in your brain, or it is a sensation in your heart. There are and will always be different ways to show your feelings for people, and there will always be different people to show them to. But the one thing that could never change is loving itself, and how you present yourself to it. Love may be a fickle thing, but it will always be worth it. So this Valentine’s Day spread love down on anyone you believe needs it.

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