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Ferguson’s Annual Black History Show

Feb 25, 2019
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During the fourth period on February 15, 2019, the annual Black History Month Show took place in the auditorium. Since February is considered the National Black History month,  John A. Ferguson honored it with this ceremony. With many performances taking place that day, not only did it respect the tradition, but it displayed the school’s passion and talent.

In the entrance, there were many displays of traditional African customs as well as modern items such as the Black Panther’s mask. The show began with Augustus giving a speech and singing a sweet ballad. Afterward, the show had the band play several songs throughout the auditorium. As they swayed side to side along with the songs, the school’s choir sang powerful songs such as Mary Don’t You Know and His Eye is on the Sparrow. The songs demonstrate the strength of the African American movement has taken on the culture and describes the feelings the African Americans had and how God watched over them.

A tribute to Donna Summer was presented as someone sang Last Night and the background dancers joined along. A student performed a rap called Land of the Free and during the song, as a slideshow of Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, and other figures were presented along with their quotes. Later on, a rap artist called Preserve later came on and went along with the song with the ending message “God bless you all”.

Giselle Martinez performed a song called (You Make You Feel Like) A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. She sang along with the piano and dedicated a lot of passion throughout the performance, raising her voice up and down to match the pitch. Another great dance performance was by Spencer Witter performed a dance called The Three Birds by Maroon 5, which samples Bob Marley’s famous song Everything’s Gonna Be Alright. He danced along doing robotic movements as his arms and legs according to the remixed song.

A Miami dance ensemble dance routine was presented by Re-Evolution group. They used drums and the four men joined along in bangs and beats of the drums. Dancers in white silky dressed were added and displayed their own routine that went along with the rhythm of the drums. It went on for 10 minutes as the choreography was professional and the dancers were in sync.

The last act was one of our student’s impersonation of Michael Jackson. The student danced along to the beat of the songs Remember The Time, Earth Song, Annie Are You Ok, and Bad. He imitated his red jacket and the right golden glove and the whole auditorium sang along with the songs. In the end, Mr. Villalobos, our principal, ended with the message of being united as one as people. Mr. Warren, Mr. Thomas, and Ms. Williams were thanked for organizing the event as they formed a committee for the whole event.

The show ended with a small performance by band students playing more songs and choir students beating along with the drums. They played this song as the students left for the sixth period.

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