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Ferguson’s First Step to Triumph

At Ferguson, there is currently new remodels occurring, which will impact the staff and students. The baseball coach known as Angel Herrera decided to upgrade the school facilities starting with the field. During Herrera’s first year at the school, he has been looking forward to modernizing John A. Ferguson Senior High School in various ways, and he is just beginning.

Herrera has never considered working at John A. Ferguson Senior High school, since he used to be a coach at different colleges. When he was interviewed for his job at John A. Ferguson Senior High school, he was asked “What would you do to build the program at Ferguson where it could sustain success for a long time?” and from that moment on he has been taking into account his plan of action to improve the field. Fortunately, Mr. Villalobos has been supporting Herrera’s long-term change for the school.

The baseball coach shares his expectations on the new field, when he describes that “I would like to have a brick locker room, brick backstop, netting, a roof over the bleachers, as long with a really nice surface on the field, so it’s a process, just like a 3 or 4 step process.” Meanwhile, Mr. Villalobos states that “The plan is for it to look like a very well fine-tuned baseball field, that’s playable.” Before the remodel of the field began, the school faculty realized that the field was not safe for students, which led to multiple injuries.

As the principal, Mr. Villalobos states that “I think it’s going to be a good thing, not only for our baseball players, but our school and then other who are coming to play against us.” Hence, the principal hopes for the students to take more pride and spirit, due to the remodel of the baseball field and other sections of the school. The remodel of the baseball field will encourage students to participate in the athletic program, because if the school is willing to provide the players with their necessities, they will be more motivated when playing against teams of various schools.

Near the end of November, the school has been preparing for the baseball field remodel. The 30th of November was the last day of organization, when they settled the sand down. Then the following day, December 1st, at 10 o’clock in the morning, the grass would have been positioned. Hence, the process of the grass settling in will take approximately two weeks. Hopefully, the new design of the baseball field will be finished, before baseball season in order for the players to have an amusing experience, which will affect their attitude and the way they compete against other schools during games.

“I didn’t take this job to just be average, I didn’t take this job to have a job and a baseball team. I took this job to try to have the best baseball team in Dade-County and win championships and take guys to college as well as develop the program.” The baseball coach said.

Therefore, Herrera is looking forward to establishing an improved facility at John A. Ferguson Senior High School. Herrera states that “I took this job to do it right.”

On the other hand, the principal is looking forward to the new remodel of the Baseball Field as much as the Baseball Coach. Mr. Villalobos describes his main goal of the remodel of the Baseball Field “not only for athletics but also academics and throughout the school is to make sure that every single area of our building is conducive for our students’ success, whether it is in athletics or academics, is building the best possible campus all the way around and doing that one little bit at a time.”

As a result, due to the baseball remodel currently taking place, soon other areas of the school including the entrance, main office, student services office will be repaired.

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