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Florida Government Proposes Repressive Bill Regarding School Athletics

    While school is supposed to be an inclusive learning environment, which should foster students’ individual growth and provide them with the tools and opportunities needed to be successful, the Florida Legislature passed a Trans Youth Sports Ban, which was added as a House amendment to SB1028, a bill centered around education, on April 28th.

       This bill would ultimately bar transgender youth from partaking in school sports, specifically transgender girls from participating in women’s school sports.

        In addition, the bill currently awaits approval from Governor Ron Desantis, who announced his plans to sign the unwarranted legislation during his appearance on Fox News on April 29th. Despite opposition from Democratic legislators and LGBTQ activists, the bill was introduced and passed both houses through a Republican majority, a cruel move that was taken after the issue became a focal point at the Conservative Political Action Conference, earlier this year.

     Overall, it is inconceivable that such efforts are being taken to limit the rights of transgender youth. This bill is rooted in transphobia and deliberately discriminates against transgender youth when they should be provided with the same opportunities and treated just like any other student.

        In response to this bill, equal rights activist and transgender man, Nathan Bruemmer, explained to the Tampa Bay Times how the bill was simply “‘another political tactic that highlights an ongoing lack of compassion and a willful ignorance of who transgender youth are and how this will cause harm.’” This point was echoed by activists and several Florida legislators who emphasized how proponents of this bill have not met nor spoken to transgender youth nor their families and are therefore basing their claims on baseless, preconceived notions, which seek to outcast transgender youth.

       This was evident during Desantis’ appearance at a town hall with other Republican governors where he blatantly stated, “‘I have a four-year-old daughter and a one-year old daughter. They’re both very athletic. We want to have opportunities for our girls. They deserve an even playing field, and that’s what we’re doing.’” 

    Several Florida legislators expressed their opposition to this bill, such as District 49 Representative Carlos Smith who emphasized, “‘To be expelled from the teams that they’re playing on, to be told that they are not allowed to be a part of a team just because of who they are, is absolutely devastating. And there’s no justification for it.’”

    This was also echoed by several parents of transgender youth who also expressed their dissatisfaction of the bill. For instance, Lindsay McClellan, mother of her 10-year-old trans daughter, argued, “It truly breaks my heart. I mean, they’re basically being told, you know, ‘You are not who you say you are. We don’t trust you. We don’t like you. We’re uncomfortable around you.’”

    School is supposed to be a place that instills the values that students are to carry into their lives and into society. By prohibiting transgender girls from participating in women’s sports, it would exclude them from activities, reduce their sense of belonging, and add to the existing stigma against the transgender community when instead, efforts should be made to encourage inclusivity and acceptance. 


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