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FSA and EOC Testing Begins Next Week

Every year, students around the state prepare for standardized exams. Florida high school students are required to take FSA/ EOC exams in order to graduate and there is still some uncertainty related to this year’s FSA and EOC testing.

While many of last school year’s exams were canceled due to the lockdowns, the FSA and EOC’s are still happening, and they are still a graduation requirement. At Ferguson, FSA testing starts next week, while EOC exams are set for May. Both MSO and physical students must report to school to take the exams. “Online students will receive a pass to attend school those days scheduled for testing,” says Mrs. Rosalyn Rodriguez, assistant principal and assessment coordinator at Ferguson.

To prevent possible contagions, the school will take sanitary and social distance measures that will apply to the students taking the exam and the proctors supervising. “Proctors, as well as students, will use face masks in addition to proctors using gloves during the distribution and collection of testing materials,” said Mrs. Rodriguez. To preserve social distance and to ensure the well-being of both proctors and students, the test will be conducted in small groups, and each time a testing session is finished all computers used will be sanitized.

Students have mixed views relating to this year’s FSA testing and to the idea that even though these are difficult times, the exam is still on, and continues to be a requirement to earn your high school diploma. Senior Sofia Barrios believes the FSA should be postponed or canceled this year stating, “I don’t think that the FSA should be given this year since distance learning classes are very bad, and we, as students, don’t learn the same way. In the case that the FSA could be conducted at home, not all students have good Internet access or a place where they can sit down quietly to take it. If it’s conducted at school, it would be a risk for everybody because of Covid-19.”

Other students such as senior Claudia Hidalgo disagree and think the FSA should be conducted, “The FSA should continue to be a graduation requirement. The FSA is taken in 10th grade but can be done in 11th and 12th grade as well…which means students get multiple opportunities. 2021 graduates and the rest, should still prepare and work on passing their FSA. While the circumstances are not the best, there are many opportunities for students to study on their own, contact their teachers, and prepare for the FSA.”

With all being said, there is nothing more we can do but to wish those taking the exam good luck. Go Falcons! You’ve got this!

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