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Happy Holidays!

The Holiday Season is here! Christmas is right around the corner and the new 2022 year is approaching.

There are endless small moments that make the holidays special like decorating Christmas trees, watching holiday-themed movies, exchanging gifts, and feasting with your loved ones.

“I usually put the Christmas tree up and decorations outside the house. Then, on the day of Christmas, my family and I open the presents at midnight,” said junior Kiara Villar. Some Falcons like to visit their extended family members during the holiday season, like sophomore Josue Aquino who has “a family reunion, every year, at my grandma’s house.”

Falcons use food to bond with their family and friends while celebrating their culture. “Since my family is Hispanic, my mom makes tamales for Christmas then we open gifts on Christmas Eve,” said Ms. Pinto. However, food also serves to spread the Christmas spirit like with Ms. Bencomo. “I like to be home by eight o’clock so that my kids can enjoy baking cookies for Santa,” she shared.

As 2021 comes to an end, Ferguson Falcons also welcome the 2022 year with New Years Resolutions, allowing people to set new goals for themselves for the upcoming year.

New Year Resolutions vary from person to person, each created with the hope to chase personal ambitions. Most Falcons look forward to the new year for a fresh start, like Ms. Pinto, who express that she wanted to, “go back to the gym and take cycling classes.”

Other resolutions are more self-improvement oriented. “My new years resolution is to be a little more organized in my day-to-day life,” said Ms. Sanabria. Students are just as excited and motivated than ever for the new year like sophomore Jose Aquino who wants “to be a better person and focus on academics.”

We hope this holiday season brings an abundance of happiness and hope to you and your loved ones.

From the Newspaper staff here at John A. Ferguson, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you next year Falcons!

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