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LGBT+ Bullying Prevention Program

It is imperative to create a safe academic environment for each and every student, regardless of their sexual orientation. During the week of October 15, 2018, John A. Ferguson dedicated a week to the LGBT+  bullying prevention program.

Although the program is known for prevention against LGBT bullying, it is also a program that wants to prevent bullying overall. Therefore, the Gay-Straight Alliance club (GSA) devoted their time to make sure that almost everyone at Ferguson signed the pledge against bullying, so the club could fill the walls up with all the signed pledges they received. Luckily, the club received around 300 pledges.

The GSA is a club that provides a safe and open environment for the LGBT community. Essentially, it is not just a club for or about being gay or straight, it is about promoting unity and advocating tolerance and works with the hope that it will help unite each and every individual here at Ferguson.

One of Ferguson’s teachers, Erica Fernandez, is the sponsor and facilitator of the GSA club, alongside Fernandez is a student body representative. The club was first introduced to Ferguson in 2010, but she has been a sponsor for about 4-5 years. Ms. Fernandez is impassioned and wholeheartedly committed to the GSA club. She believes that people should pledge and participate in this program because “ In a beautiful world we are not a community of white, black, Hispanic, female, male, gay, or straight. We are a community of human beings that are accepting of each other.” As a result, she trusts that by wearing a purple or pink shirt for a day could mean so little to one person, but it could mean the world to another.

Many students at Ferguson were overjoyed and emotional to see so many of their peers participating in such an impactful event. One student even said that “I am so happy to see so many of my friends, and classmates being so supportive. I can’t believe the amazing turnout we had this week.”

Ms.Fernandez thought that it was a beautiful thing to see so many students volunteering their time, and to see them signing something as simple as a paper that says “No, I am not going to put up with bullying.” So, that week was the beginning of a battle against bullying because it is a very serious issue that society has dealt with for far too long.

The GSA club meets every Friday to discuss many issues that are going on in the world and when it comes to a serious issue, the club will do anything in their power to spread awareness. This Bullying Prevention Program was one of their many positive impacts towards Ferguson. If any student is interested in joining their journey in making the community a better one, make sure to grab your pen and sign up to join next year’s committee.

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