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Mortal Kombat Movie Review

Mortal Kombat is known for its gruesome fighting and storyline. There have been times where this game has been turned into a movie. However, some of the movies were not successful and did not get much attention nor views. This year a new Mortal Kombat movie was released on April 16th, 2021 and to be honest, I was a little disappointed. 

In my opinion, the aspect that bothered me the most about this movie was the story line. The whole point of Mortal Kombat is a tournament where every world chooses their presenters to fight in a deadly tournament known as “Mortal Kombat.” This whole movie derails from that idea and the plot happens before the tournament. As someone who really enjoys the story of the game, this frustrated me. Now I know that not all movies are supposed to follow the story of the game or how it exactly happens, but with this Mortal Kombat movie, not following the classic storyline left a lot of plot holes and confused me. They added new things to the story which made no sense to me even though they tried to explain it.

All in all, the story of this movie left me dissatisfied and made me lose interest. The director did add the combat scenes paired with the amazing special effects and CGI to make up for this and catch the attention of the viewer. It did not meet the potential that this movie could have had. It felt quite unfulfilled. However, I would recommend this movie for anyone who wants to see awesome fight scenes and wouldn’t mind such flaws in the plot. 

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