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Mr. Smith Wins Employee of the Year

Mr. Smith, Ferguson’s Head Custodian, has recently earned the title of Employee of the Year by the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). The custodians who work diligently to ensure that our campus is safe and clean are an intricate part of our academic life. Mr. Smith has dedicated his life’s work to create a welcoming environment for students and staff and his contributions are immeasurable. 

He was awarded a new $40,000 car and a cash prize by the AFSCME. Mr. Smith is much more than just a prominent member of the staff here at our school. One of Mr. Smith’s most recognizable values is his humility.  “We all prioritize remembering the objective, and that is to make sure that we do our job, so that every boy, girl, faculty and staff feel welcomed at this school,” said Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith is an integral part of the Ferguson staff but for many, he’s more than just a colleague, he’s family. “We have a lot of potlucks, get together for social meetings and gatherings and have trainings where we interact with one another and most of those trainings are hands-on, so we have the opportunity to work with each other. It’s a phenomenal staff, and we’re like family here,” said Mr. Smith.

Although his job is mainly behind the scenes, his work acts as a vital cog in the overall functions of the school. “He’s a very positive person to work around, even when it’s time to get to work,” said Mauricio, a Ferguson custodian.  “He is always making sure that everyone’s doing the job right, while still being a charming person,” said Alejandro, another custodian. His colleagues believe that without his dedication and excellence, Ferguson operations would not run as effectively as they do. 

Mr. Smith has been part of the Falcon family since 2015, but prior to his post as Head Custodian, he worked varying custodial positions at different schools in the county. Unfortunately, when Mr. Smith attempted to get the head custodian job at Ferguson 5 years ago, he was denied the position. He continued to pursue this title a second time, and his work paid off. 

“I think by far this is the best job that anybody can have in Miami Dade County Public Schools because this is by far the best school in Miami Dade County Public Schools,” said Mr. Smith. Ferguson is very lucky to have someone like Mr. Smith working so hard for our school on a daily basis. He plays an important role in making Ferguson one of the top schools in Miami Dade County.


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