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Mr. Tunez

There are various interesting teachers at John A. Ferguson Senior High School, all with different stories to tell, and  Christopher Tunez happens to be one of them. Mr. Tunez has been a Government & Economics teacher at Ferguson for about three years. He has enjoyed working in the school so far, and expects many more memorable years teaching at JAFSHS.

Mr. Tunez first discovered his passion to teach while he was halfway through college. He attended Florida International University and double majored in History and Religious Studies. He did not expect to pursue a career in teaching but after a few overtime tutoring sessions with some fellow classmates, he discovered that he had an interest in teaching and decided to go down the educational road.

The first school Mr. Tunez started educating was our very own, John A Ferguson. He later went on to accept a teaching position at Center for International Education in Homestead and spent a total about half a month there but eventually decided to return to Ferguson and has been teaching Government & Economics ever since. He accepted a teaching position at Ferguson initially because of the good environment and for the fact that he believes it’s a great school. When he arrived at Ferguson, he was very impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the student population which has grown to become his favorite aspect about the school. He has a positive time with his classes and he is very fond of his colleagues.

If he was not given the opportunity to become a teacher, Mr. Tunez has always either wanted to become a writer (a dream that he is still pursuing, but has not been fully able to achieve it because of his busy schedule), or open a business. During his free time, he aids his brother in a shared company, where they design historical tabletop games. He is a historical writer for the company which propell’s his dream of becoming a writer. At the current moment, they are focusing on the golden age of piracy. “As we continue expanding the game, I hope to have a bigger role in the company in the next five years, but for the most part, I see myself mostly teaching in the years to come.” In the future, he hopes to write more serious pieces and further his dream. He finds writing more fulfilling in anything else he has done besides being a father and husband. Some other interests of his include reading, historical research, fishing, and camping but, his job and looking after his three children takes up most of his time.

Mr. Tunez has taught a total of three grades in his three years of teaching—9th, 10th 12th. He is confident in saying that twelfth grade is his favorite grade level to teach. His main goal for this year was to teach the content to the best of his ability and make sure the students leave with an understanding of the material covered. Every once in a while he enjoys discussing world religion with his students. His favorite part about teaching students is observing them learn and understand. “It is fulfilling to know that I had a part of seeing a student walk into my classroom not being aware of a certain spectrum of knowledge and then having them exit the classroom with that knowledge embedded into their brains.” Mr. Tunez is just one of the exceptional teachers here in Ferguson. It’s exciting to see what he the rest of the year will hold for him and his students.

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