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Netflix Original Holiday Favorites!

This holiday season, Netflix has decided to bring many new, warm hearted films to all its viewers that will definitely take them through a winter wonderland. Ranging from romantic comedies, to Christmas spirited sequels, there’s a movie for everyone to enjoy.

            The Holiday Calendar was one of the first movies to be released on November 2nd, which tells the story of a young girl who receives an extraordinary calendar with plenty of surprises. With the help of her new magical present, family, and friends, she discovers the true meaning of Christmas and what matters most during this time of year. This cheesy, yet lovely classic will definitely leave its audience feeling warm inside.

            Another popular film that has been receiving tons of praise from viewers as well as critics is The Princess Switch which was released on November 16th. Starring Vanessa Hudgens, she plays the excruciating role of two young woman who switch places for two days to experience the worlds of each other. With one being a princess and the other being an ordinary pastry baker, they get to undergo a totally different setting during the holidays that they both become surprisingly attached with. This touching, fun comedy is one you surely don’t want to miss.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is the sequel to last year’s A Christmas Prince that many were so desperately waiting for. This movie was released on November 30th and focuses on the future king and queen getting things ready for their upcoming wedding that’s set to take place during the holidays. Although it may have been tacky at times, your Christmas spirit will definitely be heightened by this wonderfully jolly edition to Netflix.

We can’t forget about other holiday fun films like The Christmas Chronicles which was released on November 22nd. This film was mostly written for children and creates a sense of magic throughout. It tells the story of two young kids who adventure with Santa as he makes his merry trips. If you’re in for an amusing, delightful hour and a half, give it a go.

This December, Netflix has released a variety of new motion pictures that will get you enthusiastic for Christmas day. Getting into the holiday mood is extremely important, so don’t forget to take some time out of your winter break to get comfy with your family, drink some hot chocolate, and enjoy some of the festivities brought to life by Netflix!

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