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New Year’s Resolutions

As 2018 slowly comes to an end, many individuals are already beginning to contemplate on what it is they are determined to accomplish this upcoming year. Whether it’s a physical, mental, or even personal target trying to be reached, the students at John A. Ferguson are ready to work hard for their set goals. These New Year resolutions are what keep many people excited about what the future has in store. Without these goals, the idea of a new year seems tedious for many. New Year’s resolutions keep the concept of new beginnings alive and well.

Many believe that the key to a successful commitment to a resolution is by standing firm every step of the way and never losing focus on what it is you truly want.

“I think about the end results I want to gain and that is what keeps me dedicated.” Sophomore, Jalissa Hills said.

Being positive and knowing that struggles will be launched at you is also critical when wanting to complete a plan. Sophomore, Victor Rojas said, “This year I gave up many times with my workout schedule but I am going to push harder in 2019.”

Some of the goals students hope to achieve in the upcoming year mainly deal with their personal lives. This involves everything having to do with their education, physical health, and mental health.

Junior, Angie Damian said, “I really want to pass my SAT with a 1300 and dedicate more time to the gym as well.”

For the new year ahead, school is at the top of the list for many wanting to be successful in the future. Senior, Isabella Yero, stated, “I want to stop procrastinating so I can be able to get things done.” Making sure that the seniors get on track for what graduating and starting college brings, is one of their main objectives in starting strong in 2019.

There are plenty of students who all share a common resolution for the new year, going to the gym! Losing weight and becoming healthier is always a popular answer for teenagers when asked what it is they plan to achieve. Whether it’s gaining muscle or simply just choosing a fit lifestyle, it’s vital for those wanting to become a better version of themselves. Some of these goals can be more challenging than others but they are definitely capable of being met with hard work and dedication.

“I really am going to work for my goal of being able to run a mile under five minutes.” Junior, Brandon Aguilar, said. Another challenging resolution hoping to be met by Junior, Sophia Jimenez,“ I am going to lose 30 pounds this new year.”

A good amount of students at Ferguson also have different views when it comes to decisions on accomplishing a plan. Many believe that resolutions are pointless and have no true meaning behind them.

“I really feel that when it comes to setting a goal, people don’t really mean what they say. They’ll start something and end up giving up after a week.” Senior, Alondra Monzon said.

Resolutions aren’t meant for everyone and going with the flow seems easier at times depending on who you are as a person.

This new year is definitely going to be filled with purpose and enthusiasm for many of the students at Ferguson. Change can be scary for those with no experience in what it is they plan to fulfill, but with commitment, anything is possible! So if you plan on initiating something you want to achieve, remember to have fun with it! This new year will surely be filled with lots of anticipation for our Ferguson falcons.

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