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Senior Clearance

Nov 07, 2018
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What everyone has been working for all fours years of high school is beginning to come to an end for our Seniors. It is now time for senior clearance. Senior clearance is when you have completed all required tasks to graduate and get cleared to do the fun activities that are in store this year. For example, this month Senior Picnic is going to occur (November 16th) and in order for seniors to be able to go, they need to get cleared. There are a few requirements that you need to have finalized in order to be cleared.

You need to have a 2.0 GPA or higher, to have sold at least 2 magazines (if not then you must make a $20 donation), no money owed to the school (including library or STOP), parent questionnaire filled out, no more than 9 unexcused absences, and no more than 20 tardies. For information about senior clearance, seniors can stop by the activities office during clearance hours to be cleared or can ask questions about what they can do to be cleared.

   For many, by senior year they have all their requirements and have been cleared.

“I completed all of my tasks,’ Senior Chabely Quevedo said, “I paid all the money required for my classes, I got all of my credits and my community service hours.”

But, getting cleared is not as easy as it seems. Walking across the stage on graduation day is a goal for most people in high school and it is stressful getting everything together and making it on time.

“[It] is really stressful, since you also have to worry about your grades, tests, applying for colleges/universities, and scholarships,” said Gabriela Luque, a senior.

Their goal is not only being able to graduate, for most students, they also have plans to do something after college that will help them live a great life. A lot of seniors think about their lives after high school and even after graduating from the university.

“I want to have a good paying job when I am older, so I want to graduate and go to college. So, I can become a businesswoman.” Senior Lunixa Alvarez said.

   Many seniors have goals like these and getting cleared for graduation is only the first step. Senior clearance is imperative for the rest of the school year to go as planned and marks the beginning of the end of the process that will ultimately lead to our seniors walking across the stage and getting that diploma.

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