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Senior Graduation is Fast Approaching!

May 20, 2019
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The school year is closing soon as June quickly approaches. While most John A. Ferguson students will be coming back next year, seniors are ready to graduate by the end of May and move onto bigger things for the next school year.

In their last year, seniors have the privilege of enjoying prom and graduation as their final farewell. Graduation is one of the biggest events of the year as it allows seniors to collect their diplomas and take pictures with their parents in their white gown. It is a way for them to enjoy their final moments and memories before they leave the nest.

This year, graduation will be on Thursday, May 30th. It will take place at the University of Miami’s Wasco Center. Seniors need to be there at 6pm. However, the ceremony officially starts at 8pm. Also, it is recommended to arrive as early as possible for parking. The dress code is formal business attire which will be covered by the senior’s white cap and gown.

Another vital thing to do is to make sure that all documents are turned into the activities office with Mrs. Rae-Schulze. Important forms that need to be turned in are the consent form which goes over the graduation rules and the prom promise. Finally, seniors will also have to submit a survey for the alumni form. These forms must be turned in as soon as possible and definitely before graduation.

Many seniors at John A. Ferguson are looking forward to this event. However, preparing for graduation is not the only responsibility they have right now. The majority of seniors are going into colleges. Some are leaving the state for college and packing all their belongings until the final day. Another big option is working. Other seniors are going into training programs, internships, and into the armed forces.

“I’m very excited! This is something I’ve definitely been looking forward to since the beginning of my senior year and now that’s it is only two weeks away is unbelievable,” stated Melody Espinosa. “I’m looking forward to my new classes as strange as that might sound. I’m also looking forward to being able to pick a schedule that lets me sleep in a bit. My plans after high school are to attend Miami Dade for two years then go out of state to study in the field of education, specifically U.S. History!”


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