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Senior Picnic: A Step Closer to Graduation

Ferguson first introduced the tradition of Senior Picnic to the senior alum 11 years ago. At first it was held on-campus but the board noticed that a lot of kids were becoming dehydrated and were disorganized in the field, so they decided to host it at the Miami Zoo. 

The change was made about eight years ago, encouraging the students look forward to this event even more. Ms. Tanya Rae-Schulze, the activities director and SGA sponsor, stated that a lot of seniors that attend our school, are from places where there are no zoos. Therefore, this activity gives them a great opportunity to enjoy something in Miami that they might not have experienced any other time.

 This activity also offers another tradition: your custom design t-shirt. The tradition started with Senior Picnic, maintaining it alive for 11 years as well. Rae-Schulze also said that they are a little strict with the designs because even though some of them are cute, when students are meant to represent Ferguson, it is important to always have a positive outlook, specially if it is off-campus. 

The activities that take place during Senior Picnic include walk around the zoo, playing volleyball, hanging out with friends, eating lunch, and listening to music played by the DJ, on a field that is rented by the school. The seniors also can enjoy the inflatables that are rented as well, some include a rock wall, obstacle courses, etc. 

Seniors, we hope you enjoy the first senior activity of the year!

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