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Seniors take on GradBash 2019!

Apr 24, 2019
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The time has finally come where our Class of 2019 takes on the most exciting trip during senior year, GradBash. GradBash is a massive event where seniors go to Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure during the evening and have an amazing night to remember with their fellow classmates. GradBash occurred on Friday, April 12, 2019. Our seniors were super pumped for this trip since they have been waiting all year for it.

Our Falcons had to get to school at 10:30 am and meet at the gym. Students had to bring small bags and stick to the strict dress code. They were allowed pillows and blankets so they could be comfy on the ride there. Then, the students were assigned to their bus and getting ready for a long ride ahead of them.

Once the students arrived at Universal Studios around 5 pm, they were allowed to walk around City Walk, eat dinner, and go to the DJ Club area and have a good time. Everyone was taking those needed pictures and as time went by some students began entering the parks.

“I was so happy to go to GradBash since the year started and when we went, I had a blast. It was really nice and fun to go on the rides with my best friends. I liked everything even though it was super packed,” says Senior, Timothy Torres.

The best thing about the whole trip is, of course, going on your favorite rides and seeing all the attractions. “I had a really great time, my favorite was going to The Hulk, and I rode it twice with my friends. I can’t really choose another favorite because I liked everything about GradBash,” said Senior, Beatrice Palacios. Making these memories with your high school friends is really amazing. You will never know when it will be the next time you are going to go on a trip with them.

“GradBash was one of the most amazing nights of my life! I got to spend my whole night with my friends. I’m so happy that I went and got to experience the thrill,” says Senior, Jina Leon.

As the night goes on, students were hanging out at the parks, staying in City Walk, waiting in lines, eating, and walking around with friends. Everyone was having a great time and enjoying the trip with their friends.

“The lines were crazy long but I learned to be patient and I met with friends from other schools that I haven’t seen in a long time so that was really cool. It was something I won’t forget,” said Senior, Aileen Rosario.

“I had a really nice time with my friends and it was fun going on the rides. I haven’t been to Universal in a long time, so it was great going with my friends and making memories,” says Senior, Lynette Martin.

“I was super excited to go with my close friends. My favorite part was Harry Potter because I’m a huge fan and it was super cool to go again. It was something I’ll remember and loved everything about the trip,” says Senior, Xidney Tercero.

It was time for the students to start heading back to the buses around 1:45 am and everyone was beat. Even though everyone had a wonderful time, it was time to sleep on the ride back. Ms. Rae-Schulze, the Senior Sponsor, announced to go back on the buses and everyone arrived back to school at 7 am.

“It was crazy, fun, great time to spend with my classmates, and heartwarming to reunite with my old friends from other schools,” said Senior, Luisa Perez. “GradBash was a fun experience! I got to spend time with my amazing people and it was just a fun day I’ll never forget,” says Senior, Agustina Fernandez. “It was a really great day and I got to do so much. I got to be with my group, eat a lot, dance, and it was a great experience overall. I wish it could have been longer though,” said Senior, AnaKarina Cabrera.

Overall, the seniors had a night to remember. Though those crazy lines, food, dancing, music, rides, walking, it was worth it all. Seniors will forever hold these moments with their class because it is only a few more weeks until everyone leaves for the next chapter after graduation. We had to make our last few weeks count more than ever. Someday in the future, we are going to look back at these pictures and remember the good times with the people you grew with for the past four years. This trip was one our Falcons will put in the books and will cherish forever. GradBash was a success.

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