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Snow Flurries: A Whirlwind of a Dance Experience Dazzles Audiences

To paint the scene, it’s the annual Winter Dance Concert here at Ferguson and magic is in the air. Together with students, teachers, family and friends, we were all able to enjoy a wonderful show put on by the very talented dancers and choreographers. 

The dedication and creativity from our fellow students was clear. Here at Ferguson Senior High, our students and administration really care about spreading the joy of the holidays to others. This show definitely exceeded my expectations and it was such a delight. All of the performances moved me in a different way, which I really appreciated. There were times when the whole auditorium was silent in awe. Below are some of the many amazing dances that were performed that I would like to share. 

Heaven I Know was such an emotional masterpiece that took my breath away. Choreographed by Anissa Jean-Felix and performed by fourteen of our very talented students. 

Muevete was such an intricate piece with many dancers who each contributed a lot to the dance. Muevete was choreographed by none other than Alexandra Alemany, Joanna Frias, Briana Mejias and Samantha Zorrilla.

Red Light was an edgy and fiery piece with sharp moves. I especially loved how unique the dance was. The performers definitely gave it their all to sell the dance to the audience.

White Winter was one of my favorites because of the stage effects and the emotion from all of the dancers. Choreographers Nicole Suarez, Amanda Hernandez and Nicole Gonzalez really put a lot of thought into making it so beautiful.

Came Here for Love was a solo performed by Bailey Garcia. She absolutely took everyone’s breath away with not only here talent, but her love for dance.

And Rain was a duet performed by sophomore Angie Manduley, and junior Nicole Suarez. The choreography was stunning, and the girls were so in sync with each other. 

Vivre was a group piece with a very large prop that made it unique. I loved the extreme emotion and edgy music. 

Happy Accidents was a trio with amazing choreo, costumes, and music. Performed by Ana Contreras, Jillian Salvi Cruz and Brianna Suarez.

Gang Gang was the big finisher of the concert. It was a fun, upbeat hip-hop number that left the audience very happy. It was explosive, hard hitting, with good energy all the way through.

The concert ended with the performers coming back on stage together and doing a small dance for the fun of it. It brought the audience to their feet and had everyone cheering. It is amazing how dance can bring a community together to celebrate the wonders of the holiday season.

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