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Staying Safe During a Socially Distant Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2020
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Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved American traditions that signifies a time of gratitude. With the holiday taking place on November 26th this year, it is only a few days away. Although this Thanksgiving won’t be the same as in past years, there are other alternatives to have a safe and fun celebration.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has definitely been a lot of adaptation in the country. From online schools and virtual businesses, the concerns are valid, and therefore many have been able to follow social distancing rules. Although it is not convenient, it is important to wear masks and stay six feet apart as well as regularly washing hands.

With the social distancing guidelines put in place, many people are urging others to avoid throwing big parties or visiting older family members. It is highly recommended to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family members that you live with this year. If you want to help out in the kitchen, there could be other dishes to make in these small gatherings besides the typical turkey like mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, macaroni n’ cheese, and pumpkin pie. These staple side-dishes are always needed at these small dinners and could be one way to show gratitude to those around you.

With small and cozy Thanksgiving dinners taking place, there will be fewer friends meeting this year than last year. One of the most popular traditions among a younger crowd is Friendsgiving and due to the pandemic, there might not be as many Friendsgivings as last year.

Although Thanksgiving is a time for traditional family gatherings and meals, adapting to the current atmosphere leads to a modern solution.

For those who want a Thanksgiving with close ones but are unable to meet in person, some solutions include making a Zoom or Google Meets meeting to call those friends during the break. Zoomsgiving 101 includes having a background that is funny or cute, dressing up (but you can wear your pajama pants of course), and making sure that your microwaved meal is set up elegantly. Zoom has also decided to lift the 40-minute meeting limit from midnight ET to 6 a.m. on November 27th, so you don’t have to hurry about time running out!

Make sure to greet all your family members online and stay safe during this time where cases are starting to rise up again. If you want to be altruistic this time of the year, make sure to donate canned goods by finding your nearest food bank.

Even if Thanksgiving this year is going to be different, it is still important to celebrate and spend time with close ones. This is the year where a multitude of consequential events occurred and therefore taking a moment to be thankful to the people around us is a mindful way to be present at the moment. The Talon staff wishes all our Falcons a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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