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Student Spring Break Plans

All across Miami-Dade County, students are impatiently waiting for the last class bell to ring on Friday, March 22, which will signal the start of Spring Break. This widely anticipated week-long break from school brings along sleep recovery, preparations for tests, and for some, more work. Even if it results in more stress or a break, many students at John A. Ferguson already have their plans set out.

Naomi Zahid, a Freshman, says she plans to go to the fair with her family and boyfriend, study for the AP World History exam, and go to Cape Canaveral. “I’m especially excited to leave the city because I get to see my brother who is visiting from the Air Force Academy. I haven’t seen him since last summer and I’ve really missed him”.

“I just want to take a break in between of all the preparations for incoming testing. I think I’d be just fine curling up with a book and binge-watching Supernatural.”, says Sophomore Angeli Barcelo. Hoping to go to the fair with her friends, reading her eight-novel series, and studying for her AP and Microsoft Word and Excel Expert exams, she seems to have a convenient balance of work and de-stressing.

Saskia Oliva, a Junior, says that she plans to sleep, work, and study for her AP exams. Although it is not much, she believes that simply catching up on sleep and preparing for AP testing is much better than waking up extremely early and going to school.

“I’m really excited to go camping at the Everglades. Getting to fish, hike, and kayak with my friends while being undisturbed is a great way to relax,”, says Freshman Gene Pozas. He also plans to study for the FSA and AP exams that are taking place in April and May and going to the fair with his friends.

Even if one plans to lounge around at home or travel to a new location, the possibilities are endless when students are given a week off from school. Regardless of how extravagant an individual’s vacations are, everyone has their own fun ways to clear their minds!

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