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Talon Staffer Spends Super Bowl Media Day Amid Star Athletes

The NFL season has ended with Super Bowl LIV (54) with a historic win for the Kansas City Chiefs in a 31-20 victory.

Before game day, I had the amazing opportunity of going to Media Row, the worlds top media coverage for any sport, at the Miami Beach Convention Center on January 29th. Radio shows from across the globe come to take part in Media Row. Not to mention there were current stars and past legends of the game in attendance such as Barry Sanders, Brian Billick, Chad Ochocinco (Johnson) and many more.

I had the liberty of meeting and talking to most of these players and radio hosts. New York Jets wide receiver, Robby Anderson, was the first player I was able to speak to. When asked about the best part of being at Radio Row, Anderson said, “It’s amazing to be down here and do all these interviews and meet all these new people.”

Next, I got to speak with Super Bowl winning Coach Brian Billick. I asked him what the funniest thing was he has seen as a coach, “One time we were doing running back drills and one of the backs fell down, but it turned into a domino effect and 2 guys went down with him,” Billick said.

On a personal note, I would just like to say that this was easily the best football experience I have been to. It was an amazing and breathtaking event, it was not just getting to meet legendary players, but also meeting the radio show hosts.

The sports talk media presence was huge at Radio Row. Tables and tables of shows lined the convention center and ESPN and the NFL Network were even filming their shows live from Radio Row. The amount of reporters at the event was insane. I was able to talk to many of them and they were happy to share advice that they had learned throughout their careers and that is something that I will never forget.

Switching gears now to the big game, the San Francisco 49ers entered the game as -1.5 (1 and a half) point favorite. The game looked to end the ’49ers Way’ with star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, struggling as he threw his 2nd interception in the 3rd quarter.

However, like the Chiefs have done many times before, they pulled off another comeback. They surged late in the 4th quarter to rally and win 31-20, thanks to 2 late touchdown passes from Mahomes and a game sealing run by Damien Williams for a touchdown. We can’t forget about defense either, a late sack on 4th down by Frank Clark was key in helping the Chiefs win. Overall, it was a great game exciting and well played by both sides and it was a party in Miami. 

Congratulations to the Chiefs on their 1st Super Bowl win in over 50 years!

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