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The Badminton Team’s Latest Success

This past Tuesday our Ferguson Badminton team competed against Coral Gables where they won. Every badminton game has this sort of in thrilling intensity yet calmness as you see players communicate with each other and the other team too, but don’t let their friendliness fool you.

“The game itself was intense. Every point was down to the wire,” said team captain Calvin Marenco. “But overall, I had a great time playing against good players from around the district and improving on my skills.”

Although they played a fantastic round of matches theirs always still room for improvement since the sport Badminton requires precise skill and a deep passion for the sport.

“I felt like we did good but there’s still room for improvements as we get ready for districts,” noted team-player Falak Zavari. “There many things like missed shots and reading the opponents that we could’ve done better, and I think if we really work on our serves, we could have a really good shot at the GMACS.”

As you can see badminton does have aspects of it that are hard to perfect, even something as important and constant as serves, but that’s just the negatives. There was a standout moment that specifically stuck out to their team captain during his match.

“One moment that I will remember specifically from this game was jumping for the birdie to smash it down, and I did hit it making a point,” reminisced Calvin Marenco.

Overall, even with all the improvements that need to be made, our school Badminton team is doing great as they’ve had a strong season and will most likely continue doing well. Hopefully we’ll hear more about their outstanding moments and accomplishments.

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