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The “Out of This World” Pep-Rally Makes Way For Ferguson’s Very First Winter Formal

On January 20, Ferguson hosted this year’s first pep rally in two years, set in “The Cage.”

Students have been anticipating this event since the start of the year, and it was an excellent time for them to come together, enter the ecstatic atmosphere, and showcase the Falcon Pride.

Such a thoroughly coordinated event with many set pieces requires a great deal of planning. Mrs. Rae-Schulze, and SGA members worked closely together to produce our first pep rally. 

“It came out a lot better than I anticipated appearance wise,” stated sophomore SGA member, Nicole Calderin. 

The “Out of This World” theme was highlighted by the darkness in the gym, surrounded by black lights. In addition to blacking out the gym, students purchased neon pep rally shirts, which shone throughout the gymnasium. 

For underclassmen, their pep rallies were canceled because of Covid-19. Thus, it was important for students to unwind from school and come together with friends for a fun time.

“Pep rallies are super important, it’s a big part of high school life, and I know that the guys always look forward to it. It definitely gets the school spirit up and our fans are super important at games, so anything that gets everybody excited for a game is always great for me,” stated Boys Varsity Basketball Head Coach Luigi Pace.

As is tradition, the pep rally began with the singing of our Alma Mater. The MC, Sebastian Garcia, made the event vibrant, actively engaging with the crowds and getting their spirits high. 

The marching band and color guard took the stage first, rousing cheers and astonishment from the audience. 

All throughout the pep rally, there were performances by Ferguson’s cheerleaders and Fusion dancers. During Fusion’s act, the dancers blew the audience away with a wonderfully choreographed performance.

“Pep rallies are a great energy boost for all the sports teams that are playing in the season. It gives the players a sense of importance and makes them perform better, also getting more fans out to games,” stated Sports Director Jose Andion.

The sports teams playing the current season rushed to the center of the gym and cheered each other on, admiring the support they received from the rest of the school. Being celebrated in front of their teams significantly contributes to team morale right before playoff time.

“I think the pep rally helps us get our energy up and helps us gain more excitement for upcoming games,” said senior, Juan Chacon.

“I believe that making the girls go to the pep rally before their playoff games is important to hype them up and get them ready, giving them a recharge in order to perform better on the field,” stated Varsity Girls Soccer Coach Marcela Del Rosario.

Pep rallies are one of the most coveted aspects of the high school experience, and this rally was greatly welcomed by the administrators who have struggled to plan events for students to stay engaged in school.

“It’s a chance for us to get back to normal and have a great high school experience, celebrating those athletes that put forth the time and the effort to do great things. I’m just glad the student body can get together to have fun and let loose, showing the county how much Falcon pride we have here at Ferguson, and how much better we are than everyone else because of that pride,” stated AP Mr. Mcfarley.

Concluding this spirited week at Ferguson was Winter Formal! 

Announced in November in place of some issues we faced with  the purchase of tickets for homecoming, the school hosted their first Winter Formal on January 21, 2022. This allowed for our Falcons to socialize while dancing with each other in our very own venue.

From preparing the gym to getting ready on your own, every aspect of winter formal was imperative. The SGA members as well as Mrs. Rae were all a crucial part in the setup and breakdown of the first annual dance. Not only them but the Falcons who promoted it and followed through with the entirety of the dance.

“I felt really happy, and I’m thankful for everybody who voted for me,” stated Arctic Duke Matthew Raules. “The ongoing support, unquestionably, does not go unnoticed.

Winter formal was decked out this year, equipped with amazing décor, food, dancing and so much more. The entire atmosphere is uplifting when those who encourage, are around you. This is definitely shown through our very own Ice Queen, Victoria Rios.

“I’m so thankful for having this opportunity. Thank you Angie for being Hoco Queen, and pushing me to run for Ice Queen, as well as advertising and making my campaign designs. I love you guys all, and thank you!”

The dance was overall a huge success. Every Falcon who attended certainly felt the energy in the building. Whether it was from being a part of the court, or just enjoying themselves on the dance floor, there is no doubt it was a joyous time.

“It was really exciting to win, it felt nice having everyone cheering for me,” stated Snowflake Lady Isabella Hernandez. The Winter formal was definitely one for the books and hopefully it will be a continuous tradition here at Ferguson for years to come.

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