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The Return of Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year again! Winter has begun and cheerful holidays are in sight with the famous day of feast, Thanksgiving, just around the corner. Thanksgiving this year will be on the 25th, the fourth Thursday of the month. School’s off on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week. This holiday is celebrated universally in all types of cultures, creating different types of diverse traditions. Thanksgiving began in 1621, when pilgrims arrived at Massachusetts and shared a harvest with the local Wampanoag Indians. This famous story served as the beginning of the annual event of turkey day hundreds of years into the future.

This year’s Thanksgiving is our first comeback since last year, where many of us found it difficult to get together with loved ones without the possibility of contracting Covid. People had to make other alternatives such as having a Zoom or Google meeting. It just wasn’t the same feeling as being surrounded by the warmth of those you love, where we can share a meal from a simple arm’s distance away at the table. Now, we have the blessing to be able to invite our family and friends without the same pressing risks as last year with the availability of the vaccine and the usage of masks. We can now have the true and full experience of sharing a meal with our families. Of course, it’s still important to remain safe, so keep these options in mind.

The basis of Thanksgiving is, well it’s in the name, to celebrate what we’re thankful for and have a feast that promotes togetherness. Throughout the month of November, we’ve been encouraged to take a step back, and think about everything and everyone that has supported our journey, whether it be the food on our table or the acquaintances we’ve met on the way.

“I’m thankful for my friends and family, who are always there by my side throughout my whole life,” said Senior, Karla Benitez. When people think about what they’re grateful for, the first thought for many is parents, the people who gave us the gift of life, and our general family, who have been with us for every step of the way, through every difficulty and struggle. Now let’s not forget about the friends, who have taught the value of trust and have been the support throughout both ups and downs, becoming the foundation for leading happy lives.

Thanksgiving is the time to think about everything we take for granted, the privileges that we don’t even know we have; some of them being health, shelter, and even just the ability to gain an education. “This year I’m very grateful for the new teachers I got because they’ve opened up a lot of new opportunities for me and helped me in this school year,” said sophomore, Aleksandra Samardzic, taking the time to appreciate the people who have gone out of their way and have worked hard to help us grow as people.

Since the start of Thanksgiving, families of all cultures have developed all sorts of ways to celebrate. Some simply have the classic gathering and others like senior Miryam Riscanevo had different approach, saying that her own tradition is to, “watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade as well as the National Dog Show which airs after the parade.” Friendsgiving is also a common practice among students who like to have a separate day for their friends either close to or on the day of Thanksgiving. No matter what the tradition is, everyone shares the common value of expressing gratitude and putting everything else aside to focus on the present with close ones.

So, what are you thankful for? Now’s the time to answer that question and think about all the blessings from this year. From The Talon staff, happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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