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The Votes Are In: Homecoming Court Winners Announced

During a traditional school year without COVID-19, Ferguson would have a Homecoming Spirit Week in the last week of October. Throughout the course of the week, students from all grade levels dress up to follow the theme of the day, whether it may be Way Back Wednesday or Ferguson famous Blackout Friday. At the end of the week, students join their peers in the Homecoming dance, where the Homecoming Court is announced. 

However, due to current health conditions, many students decided to stay home and take their classes through online learning. Despite the fact that many students were not in school physically, Homecoming Spirit Week still took place. For the first time, Ferguson planned a Virtual Pep Rally that aired on Friday, February 5th. Prior to that day, a voting poll opened through the @fergusonfalcons Instagram account to vote for the Homecoming Court, which members would be announced in the half-time show of the Virtual Pep Rally. 

The voting poll was opened for the first week of February, and the students interested in being crowned as part of the Court had to submit their applications no later than January 28th. Eighteen applications were received, but just 7 of them were announced as members of the Court.

The Homecoming Court nominees were: 

  • For Lord: Joshua Brown, David Bolanos.
  • For Lady: Susie Bouza, Krystall Montanez, Natalia Findeisen, Isabella Rodriguez, Yasmin Perez.  
  • For Duchess: Jailyn Jaramillo.  
  • For Prince: Kevin Delgado. 
  • For Princess: Caroline Findeisen, Nina Planchart, Carolina Martinez. 
  • For King: Edward Franco, Isaac Koremblum.
  • For Queen: Anissa Jean-Felix, Mahim Zaveri, Isabella Carvallo, Angelyna Blanco.   

The Homecoming Court winners were:  

  • For Lord: Joshua Brown
  • For Lady: Susie Bouza
  • For Duchess: Jailyn Jaramillo
  • For Prince: Kevin Delgado
  • For Princess: Caroline Findeisen 
  • For King: Edward Franco
  • For Queen: Anissa Jean-Felix 

From our Newspaper Staff we congratulate this year’s winners, and wish the best of luck for those applying next year!

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