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Valentine’s Day 2022

February 14th marks a day beloved by some while dreaded by others, Valentine’s Day. The holiday dates back to Ancient Rome, and it is still celebrated to this day, but it wasn’t until many years after it’s origins that the day became definitively associated with love. February 14th has become a tradition where we express our love to those closest to us.

It is expected that Valentine’s Day spending will reach $23.9 billion this year, up from $21.8 billion in 2021, making it the second highest year on record. Every year, people spend hundreds of dollars on overrated gifts such as roses and chocolates, when these items are less expensive on any other day of the year. Showing your love does not require spending hundreds of dollars. There are even many free things that can be even more meaningful than any bouquet of roses.

The most meaningful gift for this wonderful day is something that comes from the heart, and is made through inspiration and creativity. Often times, these hand craft gifts have been drawn cards, origami, picture collages, and customized jewelry.

Though Valentine’s Day is beautiful from the candy and decorations to the idea of sharing our most heartfelt emotions, it prevents us from performing our very best as not only partners, but as friends and family members as well. We shouldn’t save all our kindness for this one special instance, and instead share all our love over the entire year!

The way I see it, why celebrate our loved ones with grand gestures of love solely on February 14 when we can do so all 365 days of the year? Not only does this supposed love fueled holiday make those without a significant other feel unloved, it also tends to leave some individuals alone on a day that should revolve around togetherness. As far as I’m concerned, the expression of love does not have to be confined to one day of the year. It would significantly more delightful and welcoming if we could show affection for one another without the confine and limitation of Valentines.

As wonderful as Valentines Day is, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it is vital that you express your love to the people you hold dear everyday, whether they’re your significant other, family, or friends.


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