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We Tried to Become TikTok Famous in a Week

So, Tiktok is a thing.

Many students at Ferguson have tried their hand at becoming famous on this trending app. From seniors to freshmen, it’s not a stretch to say that Ferguson has been taken over by viral dances, challenges and DIY hacks.

For a week, I took a shot at becoming “TikTok famous.”

Full disclosure, I had no idea what I was doing. Online trends and video styles change quickly, and so do popular audios that accompany them. Staying on top of different trends for a whole week, trends that are ever changing, is always going to be difficult.

But, despite the various obstacles and fierce competition from Charli D’Amelio’s viral dance videos, TikTok fame felt close in sight.

Day 0:

To clarify, I started the week off with 76 followers, 430 likes, and 19 videos. This is over the span of a few months. My videos normally get an average of 160-180 views and 20-30 likes.

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Day 1 (Monday):

The first day! 

At around 5 p.m., I posted a video for the trend “the person who sent you this…” By the end of the day, the TikTok was at 2,768 views. By the next morning, my followers had gone up to 85, and my likes to 821. This is already a significant increase, and it was only day one.

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Day 2 (Tuesday):

Second day.

The video from Monday was still growing, and I posted a video with the “send a photo of you doing ____” trend. This video got 121 views, and my likes grew to 830. While it didn’t do as well as the previous video, it still grew my followers to 88, so an increase of two.

Day 3 (Wednesday):

The third day. So far, the worst day. On this day I posted a “vibe check” video (that I am still proud of). It got to around 50 views, but the like-to-view ratio increased. My followers were at 89, and my likes at 870

Day 4 (Thursday): 

On Thursday, I didn’t post anything publicly. I posted small duet-able videos for my friends to see and for them to duet. My followers stayed the same but my likes increased to 879.

Day 5 (Friday):

On this day I posted another “send this to this group chat _____.” This video got only 80 views, but an increase in the like-to-view ratio. With 25 likes. My other videos, especially the one posted on Monday, kept increasing in views and likes. This improved my overall account.

My followers also increased to 90, and my likes to 904.

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Day 6 (Saturday):

The second to last day. I posted a simple little video. Just wholesome and cute for the weekend. My likes increased to 920,

Day 7 (Sunday):

On the last day, I wanted to just expose myself to the community on TikTok. The video was meant to just be a joke and end the week off funny. It got around 163 views, and my likes increased to 953. A rather good and normal way to end off a highly productive week in the life of a TikToker.


Being TikTok famous = not achievable in a week. My video that went “viral” got 2,865 views and 380 likes. Overall, my account did grow too. I ended the week at 1,000 likes and 92 followers. Within the week, I faced a few challenges. Procrastination and lack of ideas was the main one, but in the end the week went by smoothly and with major changes. I would recommend that anyone should try becoming TikTok famous.

In one day, my video got over 2,000 views, and it started off as a joke.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll become the next TikTok star! 

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