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Wonder Woman 1984 Disappoints Fans

Wonder Woman 1984 had the potential to be an incredible movie that once again immerses viewers into the life of Wonder Woman, with the added benefit of the beautiful and fun 1980s aesthetic. Unfortunately, good potential was one of the only positive aspects of the film.

Let me start this by saying that not all DC movies are bad. The first Wonder Woman happened to be one of my favorites due to the well-written story and the incredible action scenes. I was hoping the modern 1984 version would live up to its predecessor but boy was I wrong! The movie was just boring and a waste of two hours. 

Now everything was not horrible in the film. The cinematics were amazing as one would expect from a DC movie, and Pedro Pascal played his character as well as he could. However, similar to the movie, I believe he was poorly written. 

They should have focused more on Kristen Wiig’s character Cheetah, Wonder Woman’s archenemy and a major player in the superhero’s storyline. They did not give her much of a chance in the movie to develop. Instead, they focused on plot points such as the Dreamstone, which in my honest opinion, made no sense and just amounted to a boring cop-out to bring back Chris Pine’s character. Even Steve Trevor did not have the same charisma as he did in the first film. I am upset with how this movie turned out as I was hoping for WW1984 to be just as thrilling or even better than the first one. As discouraging as it is, Wonder Woman 1984 was a complete disappointment. 

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