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Falcon Pep Rally Sets the School Ablaze 

Students flooded the gymnasium with school spirit on January 12 to introduce the winter sports season with cheers and emotion. In this Y2K-themed pep rally, students and fashionistas crafted beautifully accessorized outfits as a statement of falcon pride. All in theme, the crowds cheered in alliance and camaraderie. As the pep rally hosts enticed the crowd as they launched free shirts, the assembly rooted for a chance to win.

We watched the winter guard dance and swing their pom poms to the beat of the energizing band’s music. Followed by the JV and Varsity cheer assemblies’ incredible acrobatic intros, which were interspersed with leaps, tricks, jumps, and elegant landings that left the audience in awe. This set the stage for the perfectly choreographed Fusion performance, which had elements of hip-hop and street dancing. The skill and attention to detail displayed in each performance demonstrated just how much time and work the composers and dancers put into this pep rally as a whole.

Sophomore and JV cheerleader, Jianna Rodriguez shared, “My favorite part about the pep rally was when the basketball player, Kareem, dunked on the bulldog and my favorite part about performing was to see how excited everyone was when we did stunts and tumbled.” 

The Braddock Bulldog even had his own moment in the spotlight. He slipped, fell, and had a stretcher carry him out, but to no avail, as the clumsy pretend paramedics kept dropping him and had to drag him out. This was done to highlight the rivalry between the schools and boost motivation for the game scheduled later that day.

There was also a basketball showdown that kept everyone on their toes. Two varsity basketball players competed against each other in making shots into the hoop. Then, security guard Robert Grayson and Assistant Principal, Mr. McFarley, went head-to-head and impressed everyone with their seasoned skills. 

Overall, this pep rally was a memorable and exciting occasion that invigorated students and athletes alike. Although the Falcons ultimately lost against the Bulldogs, the pep rally experience promoted unity in the student body and a togetherness that counts as its own victory. 

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