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The 2019 Spring Guitar Show Leaves Audience Starstruck!

The Ferguson guitar show on Wednesday, May 1st was a hit for all ages. Not only were the student’s performances incredible, but the guitar teacher, Horby Lopez, got his own band together to play amazing songs.

The first act of the show was chock-full of talent and skill. The students played with fun, love, and determination in their minds and music in their soul. The night was brimming with creativity and amusement as, during one of the songs they played, a student did an outstanding electric guitar solo. Three students even came on and sang as well as improvised with one another. The audience was entranced watching their family members, friends and classmates come to life on the stage. Intermission came all too soon, but anticipation for the next act made it all worth it.

As Lopez’s band came on, you could tell we were in for a show-stopping concert. There was a drummer, a keyboardist, a singer, someone playing the electric upright bass, and not to mention Lopez himself, manning the electric guitar! The band was jaw-dropping, playing a variety of rock songs from artists like Bon Jovi and Pink Floyd, even going as far to play Africa by Toto. It was the closest to having a classic rock concert right here in Ferguson! Towards the end of the show, they invited the audience to sing along, some coming onto the stage to do so. It truly was an unforgettable experience.

As everyone was shouting for one more song, the show, unfortunately, had to end, but it went out with a bang. The show was insurmountable as one of the best concerts at Ferguson this year. The guitar program definitely succeeded in showcasing the incredible amount of talent here at Ferguson, and they blew audiences away with the immense passion our Ferguson students and teachers have!

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