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Rocking The Halls of Ferguson

Out of all the events that Ferguson hosts throughout the year, one of the most anticipated is the seasonal rock concerts. Students are given the opportunity to audition and perform what they choose, many opting to perform their original solo or group together to cover a popular song. The event is cherished for its diverse assortment of performances, ranging from pop to rock music.

On April 11th, Ferguson hosted the annual Spring Rock Concert, showcasing various blossoming singers, creators, and prodigious musical talent. Parents, peers, and teachers watched the performances, awestruck by the abundance of young talent.

Mr. Florez, the music teacher, arranged the drums, guitars, speakers, and acoustic piano to create the traditional rock concert setting, adorned with sprinkles of leaves for aesthetics and warmth. After his extensive teachings this year, he entrusted his students to lead the audience through their performances. Florez, amazed, watched his students share their music with wonder.

“There were 19 mind-blowing performances, about one hour and forty minutes of a show. It consisted of complete bands who typically perform off-campus, like Catalyzt.” Mr. Florez adds. 

Others were rappers with successful backing tracks, and some were solo performances. Every artist and group had vibrant stage presences and confidently drew the audience’s attention to themselves.

In preparation for the performances, students squeezed practice sessions into their schedules – in music class, after school with friends, and individually at home. Great dedication went into their acts, which proved to pay off at the end of the night.

“The most memorable part of the concert was our performance. I loved being able to sing I’m Not Okay’ by My Chemical Romance alongside my band and my girlfriend. What made it the most memorable for me was how it was our last performance on the Ferguson stage.” Catalyzt’s guitarist, Sean Gagliardo, shares.

The natural talent of all the performers was evident to every attendee. The students’ knowledge and connection with music are inspiring, influential, and beautiful to witness.

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