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An In-Depth Look at Classic Romance Movies

February is a time when love is blooming through the air. During Valentine’s Day, many couples (or single people) find themselves succumbing to the classic tradition of watching cheesy romance movies with friends, families, and loved ones. Romance movies have been consistently popular for hundreds of years, displaying typical affection towards two people who care deeply for each other, to which they either live life happily with one another or have a tragic and unsatisfying ending. 

The following list consists of the best romance movies to watch this February. 

Pride and Prejudice (2005):

This romance film is based on a classic novel created by Jane Austen. It is popular among people because of its witty dialog, plot, and message. Pride and Prejudice is set in the 19th century in England, which follows a romantic plot between a wealthy bachelor called Mr. Darcy and a country girl named Elizabeth Bennet. Mr. Darcy is quite reserved and disdained from society, whereas Elizabeth is quite social. The story starts off with the two not having a high view of one another yet as the story progresses, they eventually find a deep attraction within each other. As their feelings for one another kept growing, the more complicated the situation was growing as well, due to their roles in society. That did not stop Mr. Darcy from pursuing Elizabeth. They found love with each other and did not let their social statuses affect their love. 

Titanic (1997):

This classic tale consists of the love between Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater. The film starts with Rose as an elderly woman recalling her memories on the Titanic due to a treasure hunter named Brock Lovett, who is searching for the Heart of the Ocean. The Heart of the Ocean is a valuable necklace that holds great monetary value. 

As she recounts her memories as a young woman on the Titanic, she mentions her love story with a man named Jack Dawson. He was an underprivileged spirited artist, whereas she was a wealthy woman on board with her then fiancé. They met as she attempted to take away her life, and he convinced her to rethink her choices. From then on, they started spending time together in secret and eventually fell in love. Their romance began to blossom but is shortly ended as the “indestructible” boat strikes an iceberg, leading the boat to sink. Chaos and tragedy began as many people attempted to survive, only to fail. Jack and Rose faced many challenges to survive, which unfortunately did not go their way. Jack ends up sacrificing himself in order for Rose to lay on a piece of wood and stay safe from the freezing water which ultimately led to his death. Her memories of a beautiful romance shortly ended as she went back to her reality. At night, with no one looking, Rose threw the Heart of The Ocean that she secretly had into the ocean resembling that she chooses a life of love with Jack over wealth. 

This is a beautiful yet tragic film as two characters from different worlds meet and fall in love only to be separated from that beauty.

Me Before You (2016):

This movie is based on a man by the name of William Traynor, who becomes disabled due to a tragic event. He meets this young woman named Louisa Clark, who becomes his caretaker. She has a quirky, loving, and full of life personality, which is the opposite of him. Slowly, he starts enjoying his time with her and found her quite endearing as she told him stories and her views on certain aspects. They both fell in love, but his depression slowly begins to suffocate him. After a successful attempt of taking his own life, Louisa finds herself spiraling. The movie ends with William narrating the letter he made for her, and it warms her heart knowing that the love they had for each other will never be forgotten. 

Me Before You is a heartbreaking, yet comforting film. It shows two people who are completely different finding comfort within each other, yet sadly could not continue a happy life with one another. Not only does it provide a tragic romantic story; it also displays the complications of love and life, which the audience genuinely enjoys. 

Romeo And Juliet (1968):

This film, which is an adaptation of the famous Shakespearean tale, speaks of a tragic love story between Romeo and Juliet. They meet at a masked ball hosted by the Capulets, where Romeo sees Juliet and immediately falls in love with her. Romeo talks to Juliet in secret not knowing that she is part of the family that is feuding with his family. Once Romeo and Juliet learned about each other’s identities, they both are torn. That did not stop Romeo from pursuing Juliet. They confessed their love for each other and shortly tried to marry. Juliet’s Father, Capulet, arranges a marriage with her and Paris, forcing Juliet and Romeo to find ways to end that outcome. 

Juliet confides in Friar Laurence to help them, in which he gives her the idea of drinking a potion to make it seem that she was dead. So, Juliet obliges to the plan, yet everything turns sour as things make a turn for the worse. Romeo hears news of her death and rushes to her grave, and believing that she is dead, he takes his life. Juliet, seeing her love next to her without signs of life, takes her own life too. 

This classic tragic love story breaks the hearts of many, but it captures quite the emotional depth. 

How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days (2003):  

This comedic romance movie, directed by Donald Petrie, is focused on two characters: Andie Anderson and Benjamin Barry. Ironically, they both made a bet to make someone of the opposite sex fall in love within ten days with them for distinct reasons. They soon begin to date respectively, trying to make the other fall in love. As they attempt to get the other to fall in love with them, they soon start developing genuine feelings for each other which complicates their mission. The truth comes out, and both characters are deceived and feel hurt by their own actions. They separated for a while only to reconcile, realizing that they genuinely love each other beyond the bet. 

This romantic film has stolen the hearts of many because of the plot and its humor, easily becoming a classic in the world of romantic movies. 

These films all have beautiful stories even if it ended with a tragedy. It shows the surprising aspects of love and whom you could accidentally fall for that lead to a bliss tale. 

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