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Best Christmas Gifts for Your Loved Ones to Enjoy

Dec 12, 2023
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With Christmas just around the corner, finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be a challenging task. Finding a gift that matches their personality to their interests, it can be a daunting experience. But, don’t worry! We have got you covered. In this article, we will explore a list of great presents that will help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones!

When someone is feeling sad or needs comfort, a stuffed toy is the perfect gift for them! Ferdane Gomez, a 9th grader, comments “The best gift for someone would be a stuffed animal, because if one day the person moves away, you have a stuffed animal to remind you of them.” With a variety of stuffed animals with different textures and sizes, they help provide comfort and are great company for tough times.

Next, we have scented candles! Unsurprisingly candles are a great symbol of love and friendship making it a great gift to show appreciation for someone. A student by the name of Angelica Camargo in 12th grade shares this opinion saying “A gift I would give to a friend would be a candle because like this they can remember me every time they smell the candle, and all the memories, the good memories would come back to them” Candles leave their room smelling fabulous, providing a sense of security and warmth while also creating a soothing atmosphere! Best of all each candle can come in many different scents and is even known to calm a friend’s mind, relieving their stress.

As typical as it is money will never seem to fail or put a frown on someone’s face. When given as a gift, money gives the person the freedom to choose what they actually desire, which adds a special touch to the gesture. Victoria Hung from 9th grade shares “With money, it would give others more opportunities to buy whatever they want and can help invest in college funds, grow money, and even more. I would honestly give out money to people because they can’t get upset with it and would probably be happier with money than any other gift.”

Giving money also lets the person decide what they want or use it to achieve their goals. Other people like Arianna Sanchez in 10th grade agreed saying “I would give it to my parents since they are such hard workers and deserve it” It’s a flexible and meaningful present with endless possibilities.

Flowers have always been a popular gift choice, and for good reason. For the obvious reason, they are beautiful and smell amazing. And for the not-so-obvious but more important reason is that it’s a great way to show a loved one how much you love and care for them. A student named Kevin Moreno in 9th grade comments saying “I would give flowers to my girlfriend since she loves them and because I love her” You can’t beat flowers since they come in all different colors and types making them even more special.  

A further but unique present is a photo album. Here you can put all the hilarious and merry moments that you have shared with a loved one! Ornella Donat in 12th grade comments “If I were to give a present I would give a collection of pictures to my mom because she likes to see and take a lot of photos. To show her my love, I would like to give her that in physical form”  With this gift, they will always have a great reminder that no matter what there will always be something to be happy about.

It’s often said that the best gifts are the ones that align with the interests of the person you’re giving them to. This means that taking the time to understand what someone enjoys can make all the difference when giving a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Areli Martinez, a 12th grader, mentioned “If I know a friend who likes a specific subject like anime, a specific movie, or a sport then I would prefer doing a customized gift. They feel that what they receive is virtually a part of them.” 

Finding out what they like and need will help you find awesome gifts. Now that you have skipped the time-consuming and stressful decision-making, you can rest easy and enjoy some Christmas movies knowing that you have found an amazing gift. Remember that spending time with your loved ones is the most valuable gift they can receive.

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