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California’s Bold Move: Banning Red Dye

Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite snacks achieve that vibrant red color? Red dye No. 3 is to blame, and many snacks such as candy, ice cream, frosting, etc. contain this dye. Throughout the years there has been a rising concern over the potential health risks of additives and dyes, such as Red No.3, in our food. California is taking a stand on the harmful dye. The state has decided to ban the use of red dye No. 3., sparking lots of curiosity and discussion amongst the whole nation.

“I think the more we ban dyes and artificial things we can come closer to eating natural foods again. I think that the other states should be following what California is doing.” Shares senior, Nathalie Leon.

Many students have expressed their concern and advocacy to keep banning harmful additives. The new law in California declares that food manufacturers will no longer be allowed to use red dye No. 3 in their products. This decision was taken to promote healthier eating habits and to ensure the safety minors, since they are more prone to eating snacks containing this harmful dye.

Ryan Guerra states, “The fact that a state is banning something we have eaten for a long time shows that we need to think about what we currently eat. I think that we should start being careful with candies and things with a lot of color on them.”

Some people are now concerned about the treats that they enjoy or what is now considered healthy. Some people are concerned as to which treats are considered healthy and safe to eat. Thankfully, not everything has red dye No. 3, as there are many alternatives for it that manufacturers can switch to in the recipes for their products.

The ban of red dye No. 3 in California can serve as a reminder to pay attention to the ingredients in the food we eat and to make more informed choices. Next time you pick a treat with a vibrant red color, keep an eye out for harmful additives like red dye No.3 and stay informed about what you’re consuming.

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