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Homecoming Pep Rally Energizes the Falcon Spirit

On September 28th, Ferguson hosted its highly anticipated gym pep rally, marking the official start of homecoming festivities and generating excitement for our upcoming game.

We were thrilled to have DJ Zog from Power 96.5 gracing the turntables, setting the tone for an unforgettable event. The presentations during the rally were nothing short of phenomenal, and for the first time in a long while, our beloved mascot, Fergie, returned to the field, adding to the nostalgia.

The JV cheerleaders delivered a captivating performance, showcasing their synchronized choreography and the tremendous effort they put into their routines. Meanwhile, the varsity cheerleaders stole the show with their remarkable routine, featuring impressive stunts that left the crowd in awe.

“This homecoming pep rally was bittersweet for me. The pep rally itself was incredibly enjoyable and exciting, but it also served as a reminder of how much I appreciate these moments.” Emma Gonzalez, a senior cheer captain, states. “It made me reflect on the fact that one of the constants in my life over the past four years is coming to an end. The enthusiastic and interactive crowd added to the fun atmosphere, making it an overall memorable experience.”

The Fusion Dancers also delivered a fantastic performance, showcasing their unique and modern choreography. With the musical talents of DJ Zog, they formed an exceptional team and wowed the audience, even surprising fellow Falcons with a collaborative performance featuring the Fusion Sweethearts, marking their first performance in two years.

None of this would have been possible without our outstanding MCs, seniors Eliseo Acosta and Alain Santos, who injected life and energy into the event. Their infectious attitudes and crowd-control skills were unparalleled.

“It was my first year being actively involved with the pep rally, and I’m glad I took the plunge. Hype was just one aspect of what I did; I also seized the moment to ask my girlfriend to homecoming during the second showing.” Santos comments. “Stepping out of my comfort zone was exhilarating.”

It is safe to say that the pep rally was a resounding success, thanks to the incredible talent and dedication of our students and the infectious enthusiasm of our MCs. It was a memorable kick-off to our homecoming festivities, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating for what’s next.

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