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Perfect Winter Vacation Spots

Dec 18, 2023
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The month of December brings the end of the year, and with it comes cold temperatures, wintery snow, and chilly breezes that make it a perfect time for a trip! What’s the best place for a great winter vacation?

Colorado is the perfect vacation spot to celebrate the Christmas season to the fullest. The cold weather, landscapes full of snow, and charming towns help create an enchanting experience for holiday festivities. Jonathan Requena in 9th grade commented “Visiting there would be great to see both my aunt and the incredible view of the landscape.” Colorado’s commitment to transforming public spaces into magical Christmas spectacles, with dazzling lights sets Colorado apart from other areas. “In Colorado, there are wonderful places to visit like Rocky Mountains and many different ski resorts for all ages to have an exhilarating time with your loved ones.” 11th grader Camilar Lara mentioned, “I loved how in winter, Colorado always brings a wintery vibe with colorful lights and snow.”

In Canada, there are many great areas to visit to keep you occupied this season. Of the many activities you can do, there are the winter festivals, ice skating, wildlife viewing, and even dog sledding. Valorie Lu, a 9th grader, claims “I would love to go to Canada to see snow and the northern lights.” Yukon and Nunavut are beautiful places in Canada to view and take in these lights along with the billions of stars and planets in the sky.

If you are searching for a sunny and vibrant escape from the cold winter season, then Nicaragua is just the place for you! Ferdance Gomez in the 9th grade said, “For me, I would go to Nicaragua to see the beaches and my family.” A variety of beaches and volcanoes can be found all around Nicaragua, as well as fireworks on Christmas Eve. Known for its diverse culture and natural beauty, this country is truly a treasure and a perfect place to spend your holidays.

Another excellent spot, great for its tropical weather is Puerto Rico! With the rich history it contains, colorful culture, and astonishing scenery, it is a guarantee that you will enjoy your time there. Yadriel Matos in 9th grade stated, “When I’m with my family, we love to travel and explore all the activities there are in Puerto Rico.” During the Christmas season, they have fantastic light shows and fun Christmas Carols called Parranda that are definitely worth checking out.

As we enter this well-deserved winter break with your chosen vacation strive to find joy and relaxation in your chosen vacations. Take the opportunity to recharge, indulge in your favorite activities, and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Make sure to embrace the holiday spirit and reflect on the accomplishments of the year.

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